How to Know Your Loved Ones Need Personal Care Services in Philadelphia

Your elderly family members hold a special place in your heart. While they are still around, you want to give them the best care they deserve. But taking care of your aging loved one or parent can be hard and demands physical and emotional energy from the one caring for them. If you cannot take care of your aging parent yourself due to life and family commitments, Philadelphia personal care services can ensure they are well taken care of. Hiring these services may be necessary if you notice the following signs:

Personality Changes

In the elderly, some changes in personality may be normal. However, some changes could indicate a more serious issue. These include drastic behavioral changes from the usual routine and total change from the past character like from being outgoing to preferring to be more isolated. If such change has been sudden and consistent for a short time, consider seeking help for your aging parent. 

Cognitive Decline

A decline in your loved one’s cognitive function can be alarming because this can mean changes in concentration, memory, and more severe conditions such as dementia. If your aging parent is having a problem remembering things such as names of family members, friends, or their caregivers, you may need to seek help for them. The longer they cannot remember things the worse their condition can become. 

Illness or Surgical Recovery

An elderly person who is recovering from an illness or surgery may need more personalized care than usual. However, you should determine their needs first. For instance, if your loved one needs to be in the hospital for at least one week and you must be available for them once they get home, contact a professional caregiver beforehand. 

Poor Hygiene

If your aging parent in Philadelphia cannot take care of themselves properly anymore, like not taking a bath or brushing their teeth regularly, consider seeking professional help for them. Personal care is an important part of living and if they forget doing such things, this should tell you it’s time to hire care services. 

Poor Housekeeping

If the house of your parent is starting to look like a place where nobody lives, step in and help. Over time, your loved one may no longer be able to keep up with housekeeping for themselves. Sadly, this can lead to depression regarding their self-image and look. To prevent this from happening, hire personal care services that include housekeeping. 

Poor Nutrition

Proper nutrition is necessary for seniors, especially if they live alone. When they forget to consume nutritious meals, they may end up consuming spoiled food since they forget it is bad. Once your parent starts showing weight loss or stops eating, they can be prone to falls and poor health. If this is the situation they are in, find ways to help them. 

Mobility Problems

If your aging parent has a problem walking or holding onto things, they may need extra help. Pay attention to their ability to move around and the frequency of them tripping or falling. If you notice significant changes in such behavior without a clear reason, help them out. 

Assistance at home can address a lot of aging signs. Often, offering personal care for seniors can be difficult due to the challenges you face regularly. If you cannot assist your aging parent, avail of home care services. These services can bring significant relief to your loved one to have assistance and help in their everyday life at home. They allow your parent to stay independent while getting personalized health care. When your aging loved one gets care in their home, they can maintain dignity by being able to keep their house and belongings while being treated by their caregivers with respect. 

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