5 Untapped Advantages of Changing Your Business Water Suppliers

In today’s competitive business landscape, effective resource management is a necessity and a strategic advantage. One often overlooked area is water management. Surprisingly, a study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveals that commercial and institutional facilities could save approximately 17% on their water bills by implementing water-efficient practices and technologies. 

This highlights a significant opportunity for cost savings and efficiency improvements. This article will explore the five untapped advantages of changing your business water supplier, ranging from substantial cost-savings and enhanced service quality to innovative solutions, customized water plans, and a strengthened commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Switching your business water supplier has many perks. This includes cost-saving, service quality, access to innovative solutions, customizing water plans and environmental sustainability. 

You can compare your water supplier options by finding different quotes using an online comparison tool. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of changing your business water suppliers. 

Explore the key benefits of switching your business water supplier with our comprehensive guide. Discover how cost savings, improved service quality, innovative water management solutions, and environmental sustainability can enhance your business operations. Learn about custom water plans tailored to your specific needs and gain insights into optimizing your water resource management.


Changing your water suppliers can lead to cost savings for your business. Companies need to research and evaluate different water suppliers thoroughly. 

Here are some potential cost-saving opportunities that reduce costs by changing your business water supplier. 

Competitive Pricing

Water suppliers will have varying pricing structures, allowing you to compare prices and find the most cost-effective one. 

You can get quotes from different suppliers to identify which supplier has the best rates for your business water consumption needs. 

Volume Discounts

Some water suppliers will offer volume discounts based on the quantity of water being used. 

You can switch to a supplier that provides discounts. This way, you can save money even when the water usage increases. 

Bundled Service

You can find a cheaper water supplier that offers a bundled service by combining water with other utilities, such as wastewater management or irrigation systems. 

Contract Negotiations

Negotiate your business contract to get favourable contract terms. This means you can negotiate for longer contract durations, set up a specific period or have flexible payment options. 

Efficiency Assessments

Find a water supplier that offers efficiency assessments that can identify potential water-saving water management technologies. 

Technology Upgrades

Most water suppliers will also offer an opportunity to upgrade to more efficient water management technologies. 

Service Quality

A new water supplier can mean improved service quality. 

Here are some examples of how they can enhance customer support, provide faster response times and engage in proactive maintenance. 

Enhanced Customer Support

  • A customer support team that is available 24/7 to assist with any queries that you might have or deal with any concerns promptly. 
  • Multiple communication channels such as email, live chat and phone availability allow customers to reach out to customer support easily. 
  • Providing empathetic and personalized customer service, such as actively customer feedback and taking action to resolve issues quickly. 
  • Offer self-services that are easy to use, such as online portals or mobile apps. This is an easy way to get your payments, access your account information and report issues easily. 

Faster Response Times 

  • A well-trained and adequately staffed team ensures that you get quick response times for any on-site repairs and maintenance. 
  • Providing real-time monitoring systems that can detect or address any issues that might affect water suppliers. 
  • Having advanced ticket systems that are automated and make customer inquiries a priority. 
  • A streamlined and efficient process that helps handle customer complaints and any requests you have. 

Proactive Maintenance 

  • Utilizing data analytics and predictive maintenance techniques that can prevent equipment from leaking or failing. Therefore, you should keep a sidepower with you. 
  • Providing regular maintenance and inspections of the water infrastructure that can identify any potential issues before any problems escalate. 
  • Committed to community outreach programs that can educate customers about water conservation practices and have them provide tips for efficient water usage practices. 
  • Implement a proactive leak detection system that can identify and address leaks in the water distribution network. 

Access to Innovative Solutions

You can access innovative technologies by actively seeking out and implementing advanced water management systems, smart metering, and data analytics. 

Here are some examples of how these technologies can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of water supply operations: 

Advanced Water Management Systems

  • Leak detection and prevention systems: This means using real-time monitoring and sensors, and these systems will be able to detect leaks in the water supply network and have it automatically shut off the water flow, minimising the water loss. Do not overlook that your water pipes may need to be relined to improve efficiency and ensure the plumbing systems work as intended. 
  • Water quality monitoring systems: These systems are put in place to constantly monitor the quality of the water at different points within the distribution network, ensuring that it meets the regulatory standards and is safe for consumption. 
  • Automated water treatment systems: Incorporating advanced filtration and purification technologies that can treat these systems efficiently to remove contaminants and improve the quality of the water supply. 

Smart Metering 

  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI): This technology will collect real-time water consumption data, allowing for leak detection, demand forecasting and accurate billing. 
  • Remote meter reading: Using wireless communication, these meters can automatically transmit consumption data by eliminating the need for manual readings and improving operational efficiency. 
  • Demand response programs: These smart meters can facilitate demand response initiatives where consumers are incentivized to reduce water usage, especially during peak demand periods, and promote conservation by reducing strain on the water supply. 

Data Analytics

  • Asset Management Optimization: The use of data analytics can help identify any maintenance needs, and predict failures of equipment and optimising asset management strategies. This will ensure efficient operation and reduce downtime. 
  • Predictve Analytics: Using current data and patterns to predict analytics can help forecast water demand and identify potential issues as well as optimise resource allocation. 
  • Customer Behavior Analysis: Using consumption patterns and customer feedback, data analytics will provide insights into what customers prefer and will enable water conservation campaigns with improved customer service.

Customize Water Plans 

By changing your water supplier you can also customise your water plans to your business specific needs. 

Here are some examples of how water suppliers can provide tailored water supply plans, have flexible contracts and personalized support: 

Tailored Water Supply Plans

  • Analysing water patterns and areas for optimisation while suggesting efficient water management strategies. 
  • A water plan can be customised to the business desired water needs. 

Flexible Contracts

  • Contracts can also be flexible and align with the specific needs of the business. 
  • Pricing structures can be based on water usage patterns that means businesses can optimize during low periods of demand. 
  • Contracts can also be adjusted to contract terms and volumes to accommodate business requirements that are changing. 

Personalized Support 

  • Can offer guidance and provide personalized support to business, as well as provide assistance in water usage and efficiency. 
  • Can conduct water audites and provide water-saving technologies. 

Environmental Stability 

Changing your business water supplier can contribute to environmental sustainability in different ways. 

Here are examples of suppliers that prioritise environmental sustainability: 

  • Suppliers implementing water recycling and reuse programs: Water suppliers that can prioritize sustainability that often implement water recycling and reuse programs. This involves treating and reusing wastewater for non-potable purposes like industrail processes, or toilet flushing. 
  • Suppliers utilizing renewable energy sources: Adopting renewable energy sources like wind or solar power to be able to operate their water treatment and distribution facilities. 
  • Suppliers promoting water-efficient technlogies: Actively promote the use of water-efficient technologies such as smart irrigation systems, low-flow fixtures and water-saving appliances. 
  • Suppliers promoting public awareness and education: By recognising the importance of public awareness and education, suppliers will conduct outreach programs, workshops and campaigns to educate consumers about the need to conserve water.  
  • Suppliers supporting watershed conservation: Working with local communities, environmental organizations and the government agencies to restore natural habitats and promote diversity to ensure the long-term sustainability of water sources. 


It is important to do research and find the best water supplier that will meet your business water consumption needs. 

Consider factors such as reputation, reliability and the overall fit with your business needs. You can also seek assistance from an industry professional to ensure you have a smooth transition to your new water supplier. To discover additional tips for your business, you can visit https://differencewise.com/

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