5 Ways to Make a Pride Mobility Go-Go Scooter Faster

As old age catches up, mobility becomes problematic. But that does not mean you lay at home helpless or go to a nursing home. You can buy a scooter to ride around, spend time with friends, and have fun. Additionally, these wheelchair alternatives are perfect for mobility in case of disability. However, some can be slow and time-consuming, especially if you have some miles to cover. 

Instead of riding pissed off and angry, you can make a few adjustments to make the scooter fast. You can make some of these adjustments independently. On the other hand, you will need an expert to make technical changes. Despite being versatile and flexible, you should have limits to the adjustments you make.  

A high-speed scooter can sometimes be a hazard; hence, consider the safe changes discussed here.  

1. Buy A High-Capacity Battery For The Scooter. 

Usually, when you buy the scooter from the dealer, you get it with a standard battery size. This does not mean you stick with the battery; you can replace it with a powerful one.  

Instead of the standard one, go for one with a higher voltage capacity. Low-voltage batteries only produce limited energy to power your electric scooter. Your scooter needs more energy to ride fast, hence a new and better battery.  

For a first-time buyer, consider quality options like the Pride gogo scooter, which has more battery power and high-performance capabilities. This scooter will save you the burden of replacing the battery or buying a new scooter due to its slow speed.  

Note that not every battery fits in the scooter battery position, so you must buy one of the same size. However, if you want a more powerful option, you should get the new one from the same dealer.  

Secondly, as the battery ages, the energy produced declines over time. To make your scooter faster, you just have to replace it with a new one. It will not achieve super high speed, but at least you can cover longer distances faster than with the original old battery.  

Blond woman rides her disability scooter along path between gardens enjoying the freedom and independence the scooter gives her to enjoy looking round the gardens on her own at her own pace. Blond woman rides her disability scooter along path between gardens enjoying the freedom and independence the scooter gives her to enjoy looking round the gardens on her own at her own pace. elderly scooter stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

2. Regularly Maintain and Clean The Scooter. 

Scooters can last about a decade and meet all your needs, depending on your use. Recklessness and negligence will result in other damages, especially worn-out parts. As a result, the scooter may get slower and sometimes feel heavier.  

Abide by the usage guidelines and frequently take your scooter for repairs and maintenance. Also, be ready to spend cash to change different components to make your scooter fast.  

Part of maintenance includes regularly cleaning your scooter. Since go-go scooters are electric, be careful how you clean them. There are sensitive areas, like the battery terminals, that you should not wash.  

Use a blower to remove dust from such areas. Next, wipe other places and clean others using a brush. Regular cleaning prevents clogging or mud setting on hidden parts, making the bike heavier. 

After cleaning, ensure the scooter dries well before you store it in the perfect place, away from humidity and high temperatures.  

Moreover, exercise precautions when charging the scooter and only use the recommended charge and voltage capacity.  

Finally, be careful where you use the scooters. They are generally unsuitable for off-roading or driving in muddy and waterlogged areas. Use them on tarmac and dry roads to avoid any complications.  

A mechanic sitting using his cell phone while repair an electric scooter in his workshop A latin mechanic male with protective goggles sitting and using his cell phone while repair an electric scooter in his workshop with different tools on top of the scooter. scooter repair stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

3. Reduce the Weight Loaded. 

If you adjust the Go-Go scooter, consider the weight capacity added due to such adjustments. Weight affects the scooter’s speed, making it lower. Instead of designating some energy to pull the load, all the power will be redirected to boost performance.   

So, use only genuine parts that will maintain the lightweight in case of repairs. Additionally, whenever you buy a new scooter, you get additional accessories you may never need. 

For instance, you may not need a basket, spare tire, storage box, and other essentials. Once you remove all these, the scooter gets lighter. This will result in higher speed and longer distances.  

However, be careful with what you remove. Do not replace the vital functional elements with lighter ones unless you want to risk your safety or experience frequent breakdowns.  

Woman tourist riding a four wheel mobility electric scooter Woman tourist riding a four wheel mobility electric scooter on a city street. riding a wheelcahir scooter stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

4. Remove the speed limiter. 

If you trust yourself to drive carefully, you can remove the speed limiter. Otherwise, it isn’t a wise decision, especially for the elderly. Not all scooters come with the limiter, but some will have it installed according to safety regulations and the manufacturer’s responsibility. 

Adjusting or removing the limiter requires expertise; you should not do it yourself. Any wrong move could trigger other consequences. Talk to a mechanic or scooter expert to turn off the limiter. This will enable you to ride without worrying about speed limits.  

However, you break insurance and warranty clauses whenever you deactivate or remove the limiter. Therefore, be ready to incur the costs in case of accidents or damages. It is much easier for the dealer to pin everything on that decision.  

5. Change the tires 

When a tire ages, the treads wear out and can no longer be fast. Replacing the tires improves friction, thereby making it faster. Buy the best quality tires for high-speed needs. 

Based on the manufacturing details and with the help of an expert, you can replace the tires with bigger ones. This will not have much impact, but you gain more distance per revolution. Also, you can drive faster on multiple terrains.  

Before you leave home, check the tire pressure and inflate to the maximum. High-pressure tires improve the scooter’s traction, enabling you to drive faster.  

Final Word 

There are various ways to make your scooter faster on multiple terrains. You must be careful about these adjustments. Before making significant changes and adjustments, consider and abide by manufacturers’ guidelines. If you need more speed beyond that, you can make a few safe adjustments, like changing tire sizes and turning off the speed limiter.  

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