A Fabric Case That Has Immensely Contributed To Achieving The Concealment Objective Of The Glock 19

The Glock 19 is a type of gun that is designed to be concealed and only produced when need be. Holsters have been instrumental in achieving the concealment objective for the Glock 19 firearms. This piece explores the different types of Glock 19 concealment holsters and the factors to consider before getting one.

Types of Glock 19 concealment holsters

On a normal basis, different types of concealment holsters are manufactured to meet various needs and preferences. Here is an overview of the common ones in the market;

  • Shoulder holsters

These holsters are designed to be worn around the shoulder area, enabling you to conceal your Glock 19 under your jacket.

  • Ankle holsters

These holsters are designed to be tied around the ankle, enabling you to conceal your gun on your leg.

  • Belly band holsters

These holsters are designed to be tied around the belly, concealing the gun around your waistline.

  • Tactical holsters

These holsters are specifically designed for use in the army, law enforcement agencies, and for self-defense. They are normally worn near the thigh to allow for easy access when need be. Tactical holsters have unique features that are not found in other types of holsters hence making them pricier.

  • Magazine holsters

These are holsters designed to store extra magazines for your Glock 19.

  • Belt holsters

Belt holsters are designed to be tied to your belt using a clip. They are positioned so that one can easily withdraw the gun when necessary.

  • Competition holsters

These holsters are specifically designed to cater for the needs of people engaging in different competitions. They are designed to have storage spaces for both the firearm and the magazines. Ideally they are worn around the waist at a strategic position for ease of access when need be.

What you should take note of before buying concealment holsters

Glock 19 is one of the products that rarely allows for a return after being purchased . Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence to be conducted to find a Glock 19 concealment holster that meets your specific needs.

Some of the factors that you should consider include;

  • Its intended use

When choosing a holster for your Glock 19, consider how you intend to use it. The most common type is the inside the waistband hostler, which allows for complete concealment of your weapon until needed. If you intend to carry your holster inside your waistband options like Vedder Holsters Light truck are suitable. For public carrying, quick draws or paddle holsters are recommended.

  • Fit for purpose

The idea behind the creating of Glock 19 was to ensure that they are concealable. Therefore, it is important to have holster that meets this requirement. In instances where your Glock 19 is still visible when you have a holster, you can purchase claws to assist with its concealment.

  • Material used to make them 

Glock concealed holsters are made of either nylon, leather or kydex. The material that you choose will determine the durability and longevity of your holster. So it is important that you consider the material used to make the holster carefully before buying it.

  • Modifiability

The flexibility of your holster determines how comfortable and effective it will be. A good holster should have an adjustable Cant and ride height to ensure that your weapon is safely secured and that you are comfortable carrying it.

  • Comfort 

It is prudent to choose a Glock concealment holster that is comfortable to wear and allows easy access your weapon when need be.

  • Costs 

Depending on their design and use, holsters have different prices. You should therefore purchase one that meets your needs comparing it to the current market price range.


It is prudent to appreciate the impact of Glock 19 concealment holsters in the world today. They have over time proved to be very instrumental in times of war and for personal safety.  Any individual who owns one can comfortably walk in the crowds’ without scaring people away by them having a pistol. On the other hand, they help people in self-defense in case of random attacks. This guide serves as an assurance that getting yourself a concealment holster might be the best way to conceal your Glock 19.

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