Bridesmaids: 7 Tips on Organizing the Bachelorette Party and Assisting the Bride

You’re a bridesmaid, an inner circle VIP. As a member of this kick-ass brigade, your job is to bring on the fun, while also offering ears and shoulders for moral support.

You and the bride have a history of shenanigans and you’re thirsty for more. You want to excel as a bridesmaid. 

The bride is one of your besties, and you don’t want to let her down. 

Don’t worry, we won’t let you

We’re spilling the details on everything you need to know to bring on the fun (aka the Bachelorette Party!) as well as being there to help support her.

We’ll start this off with 7 tips covering all things bachelorette party, and follow it up with the secret to being a number one bridesmaid. 

First up, planning and organizing the party!

1. Budget

Before purchasing X-rated balloons, a blow-up stud, sashes and other hilariously inappropriate trinkets, the first step to planning a bachelorette party is establishing a budget. 

Traditionally, the bachelorette party is funded by the bridesmaids: Each chip in to make it a night to remember.

However, budget is a sensitive topic for some. To mitigate this, SurveyMonkey lets you create free anonymous surveys online – an excellent way to let each participant share what she’s comfortable spending, without feeling put on the spot.

If you’re looking to boost the budget a bit, check out these ideas to help secure a little extra cash.

2. Vision

You’ve figured out the budget and now it’s time to brainstorm the vision. 

The point of this hurrah is to get all of you together in one place, where you can safely let your hair down, celebrate the bride, and have some – no – A LOT of fun.

Choosing the location of the party can be a slight challenge if there are bridesmaids scattered throughout the country.

Be creative, and think outside the box. Perhaps you opt for an Airbnb that’s centrally located to everyone, or you pool finances to help pay for the transportation of bridesmaids who live far away.

3. Date

Ideally, the bachelorette party occurs anywhere from three months to one month before the wedding, which means planning for it should start immediately. 

This provides ample time to save, purchase tickets, and fine tune the overall agenda.

Propose a few dates, have everyone mark which one’s they’re available for, and choose the one everyone can make.

4. Book Accommodation

The Airbnb or hotel you reserve should be big enough to accommodate all of you comfortably. 

Think of it as a hub that facilitates the type of celebration you’re planning. For example, if you’re hoping for a night on the town, a central location near all the places you want to go is a bonus.

If you’re hiking or doing outdoor activities, look for cabins or other rentals that are near to those excursions.

5. Choose a Theme

Because… why not? A theme makes any occasion extra special. And if you select something that the bride loves as your theme, it can take the fun (or the silliness) up a notch or two. 

If the bride can’t get enough of game night, let that reign supreme. Have each bridesmaid bring their favorite game.

If she loves music, why not go out to a concert? Buy tickets to a show one of her favorite bands is playing, pack your leather jacket and red lipstick, and enjoy a night of rock n roll.

6. Grocery List

Going out to eat for every meal can be expensive, and that’s without purchasing drinks!

Make sure each bridesmaid lists any of their dietary restrictions, and put together a grocery list. Include things like eggs, bagels, easy staple items that most people don’t have a problem eating. Don’t forget to include the important things like Advil and water… 

7. Plan the Itinerary

Create an itinerary that outlines all the activities you’re doing, and don’t forget to include the time you want to be there for each one. The point is to make sure everyone is prepared, and you’re not wasting valuable time deciding what to do.

If there are certain items people need to bring, include them in a packing list.

The itinerary doesn’t have to be all late nights and clubbing. If this is one of the few moments everyone’s together before the wedding, it can be fun to go bridesmaids dress shopping

Bonus: Going Above and Beyond to Assist the Bride

Besides pulling off the bachelor party, your other job is to be there for the bride.

Follow these tips to go above and beyond:

  • Remind her she can call you any time
  • Be proactive – if there’s something she’s stressing about offer to help
  • Try and protect her from any tiffs or bridesmaids’ disagreements
  • Be there to listen
  • Make sure she’s taking care of herself (and if she isn’t, insist she starts)
  • Don’t leave until everything is set up/cleaned up
  • Remind her you’re here for her, you’re here to help
  • Help pack must-have items for the honeymoon


As a bridesmaid, you play a pivotal role in making her big day special. Don’t forget to shower the bride with love, and feel honored: you were chosen to share this incredibly meaningful process with her.

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