Decoding Dubai’s Financial Puzzle: Navigating Between Financial Advisors and Mortgage Consultants

In this modern era of the fiscal landscape, the responsibilities of both financial advisors and mortgage consultants have been specified as per their area of specialty. They can bring proficiency and stability in work and customized services to complete the fiscally given requirements and terms. The question that arises here is which path you would like to select or choose for your financial needs in Dubai.

In this article, we will be discussing how to manage the diversification in roles, licensing requirements, and available facilities, which must be assessed by Dubai’s mortgage consultant and financial advisors. Let’s discuss some of the factors after which you will be clear on whether to choose a financial advisor or a mortgage consultant for your struggling financial journey in Dubai.

Licensing Verification

While planning to choose any of the mentioned consultants, make sure you have checked out their licensing or any other document related to their license verification, which is the evidence for their certified advisors as per records. There are a number of certified advisors available in Dubai. Before heading forward with them, check their relevant experience as well.

Real Estate Marketplace

To get knowledge regarding the real estate market, which includes the development of the market, market trends, and credentials. Financial advisors are responsible for providing you with the best services and a wide range of financial facilities throughout your journey. We guide all non-UAE residents toward the mortgage, which includes financial planning, strategies for investment in assets, and risk factors. It totally depends on the individual; either they choose the mortgage broker who guides them accurately or go with the mortgage application, which is such a time-consuming process for a mortgage in Dubai for expats.

Charges of Working

In Dubai, this is the right of financial advisor to take their working cost. These charges are based on the percentage of property they are handling or taking commission on. On the other hand, mortgage consultants receive commissions from the banks. The cost of both facilities varies depending on the financial requirement.

In mortgage broker Dubai consultancy, you are more focused, and only the information shared with you that you need, but in financial advisors, you are provided with lots of services, planning, and strategies for implementation. For more clarification, you can consult any good advisor in Dubai and discuss charges and dues reimbursement portfolio.

Area of Specialty

Whenever we talk about loans, mortgage consultants come to mind immediately because of their expertise in the field of loans. They provide accurate knowledge and details regarding home loan deals in Dubai and also guide you toward the best deals in lender selection. Financial advisors can help you to make a balance between your expenses and income by having a financial strategy.


After the detailed discussion, it was clear that both the mortgage consultant and financial broker are important and have their own strategies and working criteria. If financial advisors can help you reach your financial goals with less time consumption, then on the other hand, mortgage consultants can help you complete the whole process. So, they both have their own expertise, which cannot be fulfilled without having both on board.

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