Electrical renovation of an apartment in Paris: what you need to know

Owner or future owner of an apartment in Paris, you may need to carry out electrical renovation and upgrade work in an old home. Why and how to carry out this renovation work? What standards should be respected? What help can you count on?

Why carry out electrical renovations in apartments in Paris?

The real estate sector in Paris is very dynamic and includes a large number of buildings steeped in history. Haussmann apartments, for example, are old and sometimes date back several decades. Although they have character, a complete upgrade is sometimes essential so that they are more adapted to current arrangements. This is the aim of renovation work in general, and those linked to electrical upgrades, can visit plchmi.

The latter in fact responds to the concern for compliance with the law on the one hand and the concern to ensure the safety of residents on the other hand. The risks of electrocution or fire are greater when the electrical installation is old, as in the majority of apartments in Paris. As a homeowner, you need to call an electrician in Paris to carry out an electrical diagnosis of your home. This provision has been made legal since January 1, 2009, and is essential if the property concerned is for sale, and is more than 15 years old.

Carrying out the electrical diagnosis makes it possible to identify the work that will be necessary to bring the system up to standard. After the standardization, you will obtain a certificate of conformity to assert your rights.

What are the main works to be carried out as part of an electrical renovation?

To carry out a quality electrical renovation, you must follow certain steps.


To carry out an electrical renovation, and after the initial diagnosis has been established, it is important to have the new installation schematized . This plan allows you to plan the space that will be allocated to switches and power outlets as well as the location of electrical appliances. It must be copied and given to the owners or residents of the apartment so that possible future electrical work can be simplified. It should be remembered that the NF C15-100 standard governs all work related to electricity.

Important elements of the renovation

Regarding the practical phase, one of the priorities is the replacement of the electrical panel or its reinforcement. Indeed, it is provided by law that: “ all electrical installations in a building dating from before 1991 (more than 30 years old) are considered obsolete and must be renovated. » Therefore, when the electrical box does not need to be completely replaced, a differential circuit breaker should be placed there . This device serves as protection and interrupts the flow of electrical current when an overload or short circuit occurs on the network.

● electrical conduits;

● electrical conduits;

● cable protection sheaths;

● the quantity of electrical inlets per room, etc.

Finally, it is necessary to carry out the finishing touches, in particular by placing the switches and socket covers.

The stages of a complete renovation

Following the development of the plan for the new electrical installation, it is first necessary to dismantle the obsolete network . This involves cutting off the power and dismantling all electrical devices in the apartment. Then, depending on the plan, you must identify and mark the new arrivals and power outlets.

The creation of grooves to connect the sockets together as well as the installation of the recessed boxes are the following steps. They precede the insertion of the sheaths and that of the electrical wires in the sheaths. Do not forget to plug the bleeding after carrying out the installations. Finally, you must install the new electrical panel, ensuring that all the wires are properly connected, then reconnect the electricity.

These steps are very important and can be combined with the insulation and energy upgrade steps . They must all be carried out carefully by teams of professionals.

Why use the services of an electrician?

If the services of professionals are recommended, it is because electrical renovation is a task that requires proven skills, mastery of current standards and techniques and precision in carrying out the desired transformations . The electrician is the qualified professional to meet your repair requirements. He is also able to provide you with information on the standards in force, advice on the type of achievement you want and his expertise for implementation. You can also visit this plchmi.

If you own an apartment in Paris, it is preferable to seek the services of a professional near you, to limit travel costs, but also to ensure that your situation is dealt with quickly.

In most cases, you can find contacts of various professionals on the internet. After which, you must fill out a form explaining the situation that is causing your concern. Very quickly, you obtain a quote and an appointment is made for the establishment of the electrical diagnosis of the apartment. As noted above, the following steps should come together fairly quickly.

We advise you to request two or three quotes to compare before making your choice. Given that this is work to be carried out in Paris, the prices may be quite high. However, they are set according to the scale of the task to be carried out and the surface to be leveled. In addition to optimizing your electricity consumption, it is possible to save money by applying for state aid , especially if you combine electrical work with insulation work.

What aid can you claim for electrical renovation?

There are several financial aid programs to help French people redo their electrical installations. Access to this state aid is, however, only possible under certain conditions.


This bonus recently established by the State is a merger of the CITE (Tax Credit for the Energy Transition) and the “Living Better Agility” assistance from the ANAH. It covers energy renovation work. Previously limited to very modest and modest households, it has now been extended to wealthier households since the start of 2021. Accessible to owner-occupiers, its amount is capped at 20,000 euros, spread over 5 five years. The amount of the premium is calculated according to the type of work carried out and the energy savings made and the household income.

The zero-rate eco-loan

You can benefit from this aid if your electrical renovation concerns one or more types of insulation work or installation of equipment using renewable energies. With a maximum amount of between 7,000 and 30,000 euros, this loan is granted to landlords and co-owners. It concerns accommodation serving as a main residence, apartments and individual houses. It is repaid over 15 years.

The home improvement bonus

To benefit from this bonus, you must own an apartment which serves as your main residence and which must be at least 20 years old. In addition, your resources must not exceed a ceiling defined by the authorities of the Departmental Directorate of Equipment, because they are the ones who determine the aid. If you are eligible, the bonus is returned to you at the end of the work. You can also visit this plchmi.

Do not hesitate to find out about this aid and that granted by local authorities, in order to take advantage of it for your electrical renovation work.

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