Finding Your Perfect Match: A Guide to Choosing the Right Luvme Hair Side Part Wig

Remaking your looks can be a handful as you may want to try out different match-ups and appearances. Are you desiring to remodify your looks with transformative style and elegance? Well, you’re at the right spot for your breakthrough hairdo.

Beautifully textured with dazzling curls, side part wigs are all you need to take your looks to the next level. They are perfect for individuals who desire a flawless and stunning appearance.

In this article, you’ll be guided on how to choose the right side part of the wig that’s perfect for your style and personality. 

Different Factors to Consider When Choosing a Side Part Wig

Side part wigs can perfectly fit all face shapes, as they provide an extra root volume and perfectly transform looks. Side part wigs are the go-to wigs for those who are looking to soften their features.

Choosing a side part wig requires some level of expertise so you don’t make the wrong choice; here are some factors you must put into consideration when opting for a side part wig:


This is the first and foremost factor to be considered when choosing a side part wig. When considering the style, the length must be looked at, whether it’s short, medium, or long. 

Your personality will heavily influence the style you choose. Your perfect choice may be someone else’s wrong choice. It is personal and must be considered well enough before making any decision. 

Then, the texture must also be given close attention as it determines how well you’ll rock the wig. You can choose to opt for side-part wigs with straight, flat, flowing, or curly textures. Whichever your desire may be.


After considering style, the next factor to consider is color. When picking a color, consider your natural skin tone. It is complementary to picking a color that matches your skin.

Face Shape

When choosing a side-part wig, it is essential to consider your facial symmetry or shape. Most face shapes fit perfectly with any wig type, so this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. However, much emphasis is placed on your personal choice of wig style, whether it will be perfect for your looks or not.

How to Choose a Side Part Wig that Matches Your Face Shape and Personal Style

Choosing the side part wig that matches your face shape and personality can be challenging, as there are several face shapes that people fit into. 

Finding your face shape only requires that you check your reflection; finding the perfect hairdo to match your face requires much effort.

Generally, women have six different face shapes, with each shape determined by the proportions of the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin.

  • Round – wider cheekbones and no sharp angles
  • Oval has a slightly wider forehead and a longer face.
  • Oblong – long and rounded at the top and bottom with a narrower chin.
  • Square – wide as they are long with sharp angled features and jawline.
  • Heart – widest at the forehead with pointed chins.
  • Diamond – narrow foreheads and small chins. 

After determining your face shape, you can now sort out your perfect hairdo.

Oval Face

The first face shape that can easily rock a side part of a wig is the oval-shaped face. This face shape can effortlessly fit any wig style, and a side part wig is not exempted. 

Oblong Face

The next face shape that’s a perfect fit for a side part wig is the oblong-shaped face. This face shape is very similar to oval shapes; the only major difference is the narrower chin of the oblong. Oblong faces can pull off any style effortlessly.

Square Face

The perfect fit for square faces is a deep side part. Square faces have angular chin and cheekbones, and with a side part, those edges can be softened.

Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces have pointed chins and wider cheekbones. A side part wig can bring balance to the cheekbones and take concentration away from the chin.

Diamond Face

A side-part wig can be transformative for diamond-shaped faces.

Styling Tips for Side Part Wigs

Side part wig styling options all tend towards producing a flawless and stunning look. They are also versatile in styling. Here are some game-changing styling tips that can help you rock your side part wig.

Side part curly wigs

Sleek curls add a stunning and sophisticated touch to the side part of the hairdo. Square-shaped faces can effortlessly rock this style as it can help soften the jawlines.

Side Part Bob wigs

The side part bob wigs styling is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a refreshing hairdo that comes with a transformative look. 

To style your side part wigs, you can use heat styling tools. To achieve different hairstyles, apply heat to sections of hair. Ensure the tool is not too hot to avoid hair damage.

Also, part of styling your wig is maintaining its shape and form. It is essential that you give adequate attention to your side part wig after using it and before storing it. This will prolong its texture and keep it from becoming damaged.  

Where Can I Buy a Side Part Wig?

Shop for quality side part wigs at Luvme Hair. They offer a wide range of side-part wigs that are known for durability and versatility. You can’t go wrong with the collections of side-part wigs at Luvme Hair. Aside from being a human hair wig, you will enjoy various deals to make the buying more affordable, like their affordable human wigs.


The side part hairstyle is highly versatile, and it’s worth trying when you’re in search of a new look. With this guide, you can slay your side part wig and confidently display your style and unique personality.

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