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Gu iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service that lets you store your photos, documents, and other files and access them across all your Apple devices. It can be a very useful tool for owners of Gionee and Umida phones and tablets. However, there are some important things to understand before using iCloud with GU devices.

An Overview of iCloud

The main purpose of gu iCloud is to keep all of your Apple devices in sync. So if you take a photo on your iPhone, it will automatically appear on your Mac computer and iPad as well. This syncing happens by storing your files and data on Apple’s cloud servers, known as iCloud.

Some key features iCloud offers:

  • Photo storage and syncing
  • Contacts, calendar, and reminders syncing
  • Back up iOS or Mac OS device data
  • Find My iPhone to locate lost devices
  • iTunes purchases available across devices
  • iCloud Drive for general document and app data storage

iCloud comes standard on all Apple devices. You get 5GB of storage for free, with options to upgrade to higher storage tiers for a monthly fee.

Using Gu iCloud on Android and Windows Devices

gu icloud

Here is the key fact about iCloud to understand if you have GU devices – it was designed for Apple ecosystems only. So Android phones, Windows computers, and other non-Apple devices do not support the full iCloud experience.

However, there are some workarounds to access parts of iCloud on GU devices:

Access iCloud Photos

You can view your iCloud photos on any device, including Gu phones and tablets, by logging into The iCloud Photos web app allows basic uploads, edits, and album creation as well.

iCloud Calendar and Contacts

Your iCloud calendars and contacts can be viewed on other devices by adding your iCloud Calendar and iCloud Contacts accounts to apps like Google Calendar and Contacts. Instructions vary across apps and devices but generally involve adding an account using your Apple ID email and password.

No Backup or Document Syncing

Backing up GU devices or syncing documents between them and iCloud is not possible. iCloud backups as well as services like iCloud Drive require Apple device software and hardware to work.

So you cannot directly sync or back up app data, settings, or device files through iCloud on Umida and Gionee devices. You will need to rely on other backup options like local phone storage or Google Drive.

Tips for Using iCloud with GU iCloud

Here are some top tips to get the most out of iCloud when using a mix of Apple and GU devices:

  • Store photos/videos only in iCloud to make them accessible across devices. Rely on other cloud services like Google Photos if you need backup.
  • Check iCloud site routinely to access any files uploaded from Apple devices.
  • Enable iCloud Calendar and Contacts on your GU device accounts for easy access on the go.
  • Turn on Find My iPhone to locate or remotely wipe lost iOS devices.
  • Manage your free iCloud storage by optimizing photos, deleting unused large attachments, etc.
  • Consider paying for more iCloud storage if you reach the 5GB limit and need to back up iOS devices.


In summary, gu iCloud offers seamless integration between Apple devices that GU products cannot fully replicate. But using the tips outlined above allows you to still benefit from iCloud photo storage, contacts/calendar syncing, Find My iPhone, and remote access to backups while owning Android and Windows devices.

Just do not expect the full automated backup and document syncing capabilities between GU devices and iCloud. For that, continued use of local and other cloud storage options is your best solution.

With a few small workarounds, you can enjoy the key parts of the iCloud experience on your favorite Umida, Gionee, and Apple devices together.

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