High-Waisted Leggings Vs. Regular Leggings: Which Is Better For Your Workout?

The last thing you want when working out is uncomfortable clothing. Nothing is worse during a challenging workout than having to keep pulling your pants up or your top down. The athleisure wear industry knows this, which is why we are flooded with so many options for workout clothes, regardless of body type, gender, or personal style.

One athleisure product loved by many is leggings. There is nothing like a good pair of leggings that fits snugly around your body and pulls everything in without discomfort. It is no wonder that stay-at-home parents, people who work from home, and anyone else who does not need to go into the office opt to wear leggings even when they are not working out. 

The options for leggings are astounding. From bright colors to chic muted tones, floral patterns, geometrics, long, short, mesh, and more, you can always find a pair of leggings that speaks to your style. But first, it is essential to determine whether high-waisted leggings are better for you when working out or if regular, mid-waist leggings are the best option for you. 

High-waisted leggings vs. Regular leggings

Although both styles have advantages, you may find that one style works better for you than the other. Figuring out the right waist length for your leggings is essential if you want to enjoy your workout and have no excuses to stop mid-session.

1. What is your go-to workout?

The first thing that will determine your choice is the type of workout you enjoy. If running is your go-to work out, then regular mid-waist leggings are a good option as long as they fit snugly around your waist and stay up when you run. In contrast, if you love yoga, pilates, and other workouts that involve a great deal of stretching and bending, consider high waisted leggings instead. 

Yoga is partially responsible for the rise in popularity of high-waisted leggings. People were getting sick of having their backs exposed during a pose or having to pull down their tops so as not to show skin. The athleisure industry listened well and created a sought-after product that has made yoga far more enjoyable and relaxing. High-waisted leggings enable yogis to try any pose, knowing their belly and back are covered. 

2. Listen to your body.

Forget about what is trending momentarily and listen to your body. It is essential to know when you are at your most comfortable during a workout. Do you like to have pants sit snugly on your stomach? Have you ever worn mid-waist leggings and felt uncomfortable feeling your belly spilling out of your pants? If that is the case, then high-waisted leggings are the best option. In contrast, mid-waist leggings should be your go-to choice if you feel annoyed by a high waist up to your stomach and do not mind that your pants do not cover your stomach. 

3. Find out the most flattering option for your body type.

Many people workout because they want to look their best, and while exercise can help you, you can also look your best during a workout. Leggings are flattering for all body types if you choose the most flattering style. You can imagine longer limbs if you have short legs by wearing high-waisted leggings. 

The latter is also a great option if you have a belly and prefer to tuck it neatly in your pants. Mid-waist leggings are excellent if you have a shorter upper body and want to create the illusion that it is longer. High-waisted leggings are also perfect to accentuate your curves. 

4. Determine the sweat levels during your workout.

The more challenging the exercise, the more you will sweat, which is excellent for weight loss, skin, and mental health. Even so, having all that sweat out of you is not appealing to most people. High-waisted leggings can curb many of your sweat issues. As these leggings go up to your stomach, they provide another layer to absorb sweat before it gets to your shirt. 

5. Keep warm in winter.

Athleisure clothes have many valuable features but keeping you warm is not one of them. While you will need light clothing for an intense workout, getting to the gym or warming up outside can be tough during the colder months, which is why having a little more coverage is helpful during winter. High-waisted leggings can do this by covering your legs up to your stomach and helping your tummy stay warm. 


Whether you are falling in love with high-waisted leggings or prefer your mid-waist option, you must find the right fit for your body type. Nobody wants a muffin top, especially if you want to work out comfortably. Athleisure brands are designing leggings to provide coverage and comfort so you can focus on your workout, but you will need to invest time into finding the athleisure pieces that suit your body type and work well with the exercise of your choice. 

Luckily, the options out there are endless. So, whether you plan to work out, lounge, or run errands in your leggings, go for the ones that suit your style, and do not be afraid to pair them with anything from your favorite knitwear to a pair of heels. The leggings were made for the gym, but no rule says you cannot enjoy their comfort every day of the week. 

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