How to Elevate Classic Baking Recipes with a Splash of Bacardi Rum

Freshly baked goods like cakes are the best treats for celebration. But, how will you feel if your favourite drink is infused with baked items? Many rum lovers like to add the beverage to baked goods to make the recipe unique. Rum has a rich, warm flavour, elevating your experience. 

Improve flavours with rum

Rum affects your baked good’s flavour in 2 ways. Rum has a distinctive flavour, which makes your baked goods yummy. Another way to refine the flavour of baked items is to create a bond between water molecules and fat. The water and fat percentage also determines the flavour.

Achieve the desired colour with rum

There are rums with different types of colours. If your batter needs a darker colour, you need to use a darker rum. Similarly, light rum is suitable for maintaining a colourless look. Remember that rum will not alter the overall colour of the baked goods.

How to bake food with rum

It is very easy to bake foods with rum. Still, a few tricks will allow you to get the best outcome.

There is no need to pour a significant amount of rum to have the desired result. Rum has an intense flavour. That is why you must have control over the amount of rum added to your recipe. If you have chosen heavily spiced or flavoured rum, you should bake your food with only a minimal amount of this beverage. However, in some cases, you may need to add more rum to increase the moisture level.

Use Bacardi in rum cake or choose any high-quality rum for your food. Rum is the most versatile drink for consumers. Buy a bottle of rum and use it for various purposes.

If you want to incorporate rum into a recipe, it is essential to mix it with other liquid items. You can then combine dry and wet ingredients. There is no need to deal with alcohol beforehand. Using medium heat, you may cook the rum in your saucepan and remove the alcohol.

Some baked items prepared with rum

Rum cakes

A rum cake is the tastiest dessert infused with fruits and other ingredients. Make sure you have chosen quality rum for this cake. Darker rums are best for cakes with fruit flavours. Some rums have flavours of vanilla and caramel.

Chocolate cakes with rum

Rum and chocolate are unique flavours that you can combine well. You may also experiment with them. Some people like to combine rum with milk or white chocolate. The best option for you is to choose fruity rums.

Dark chocolates have bittersweet tastes, and you can combine them with rum. Some rums have flavours of dark berries and smoke.

For pastry crusts, you can choose almost any type of rum.

So, rum is the best choice for preparing various types of dishes. Even a traditional recipe becomes tastier if you have added a small amount of rum or other alcoholic beverages.

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