How To Find The Right EVE Online Corporation For You

These tips will help new EVE Online players find a corporation that aligns with their way of playing to make the game experience more enjoyable.

Whether you are a new or experienced player you can always buy EVE ISK from U7Buy! Corporations are a fundamental aspect of the social, economic, and political landscape in EVE Online. You can create your own corporation or join an existing one. EVE Online is a complex game. Finding a corporation with like-minded people can be as challenging as learning the mechanics of the game. Check out these tips that will help you sift through the many recruitment ads and discover which corporation best suits you

Is the EVE Online Corporation Beginner-Friendly

Assuming you are a new EVE Online player, this is the most important factor for choosing the right corp. Look for a group that is friendly and welcoming towards new players. You will need some help in the beginning. Despite the game having a reputation, not all players are selfish and ruthless. There are plenty of veterans willing to lend a hand or point you in the right direction.

Find Out How Many Members the EVE Online Corporation Has

These player organizations run from small groups of friends to massive alliances consisting of thousands of members. The more the merrier, right? There is no straightforward answer to this question. While more members could mean more pilots to play with, you might be left out sometimes and not enjoy a sense of community. Corporations with fewer members tend to be more tight-knit. However, you might not always find players to interact with at any time.

When Are Most of the Members Active

The time zone is another aspect you should consider. Find a corporation whose members live in the same time zone as you. If you are a European player, don’t join a US-based corporation, or vice versa. You will have the unpleasant surprise of finding yourself alone because your playing hours don’t align with those of the other members.

Check Out the Requirements for Joining

You might want to be a member of a corporation, but maybe they select their prospects based on strict rules. For example, some corps ask their members to have a certain number of skill points. Others may be picky about the type of ships they fly. It’s better to ask beforehand. Even if you don’t meet the requirements, it will give you an idea about what is expected and you can join later when you are more experienced.

Ask About the Goals of the EVE Online Corporation

Don’t be afraid to ask the corporation representatives about their goals or what they do. This is a great way to discover if you fit in that certain EVE Online corp. Some organizations are focused on mining. Some are dedicated to PvP wars. Also, find out their attitude towards new players.

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Where is the Corporation Located

The location of the corporation is another thing you should care about. You might have to move there. Are you willing to move to their wormhole or their system? If you are doing incursions, the location of the corporation and resources should be considered before joining.

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