How To Plan The Most Luxurious Trip To Dubai

Luxury, fashion, and glam meet the melting pot of the Middle Eastern Region. With more than 200 different cultures and multiple expats, Dubai is nested in the Persian Gulf’s southeast. 

Dubai has established a luxurious reputation in the United Arab Emirates and is known as the City Of Gold. Modern architecture, with high-rise buildings like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, makes the skyline noteworthy. 

With so many great places to visit in Dubai, you can see why you are excited about planning a luxurious vacation to Dubai. In this article, we will guide you in planning a luxurious trip to Dubai. 

Tips To Plan Most Luxurious Trip To Dubai 

Here are some important tips to help you plan a luxurious trip to Dubai. 

1. Book Luxury Travel 

To elevate your stay, you can book your accommodation in Atlantis. There are a variety of services that can fit the package. This includes notable underwater prime suits with waterfront views. 

You can also relax beside a pool and watch the eagle rays and school of fish and sharks. 

In order to book a comfortable and luxurious stay, you can move around the city and travel in style. All you need is to book an exotic car rental from Dubai. 

The car rentals usually range from low-end budget to the most expensive sports cars, a few of which are limited editions. 

2. Book A Private Jet Charter 

Dubai is a place of extravagance and beauty. So, to make your trip even more memorable, you can book a private jet charter. Thus, the private jets can help you customize your trip and provide a private space for you and your family members. 

For your convenience, you can address your needs before you can board the flight. 

Unlike commercial airlines, private jets assist you in reaching your destination in just ten minutes after departure. Similarly, you need not wait in long lines or delay with flight delays. This ultimately saves you time and lets you make the most time in Dubai. 

If you are from UAE or any other part of the Middle Eastern region, you can book your private jet charter Doha and get the best services. 

3. Visit Burj Khalifa  

Dubai is a city of contrast and is rich in history, architecture, and opulent lifestyles. So once you have finished with the shopping experience, you can make a visit to the Burj Khalifa. 

As the tallest building, Burj Khalifa offers the best views of the Dubai skyline. When you step out of the elevator, you can see a 360-degree view of the entire city, surrounding the ocean and desert. 

Hence, those of you who are visiting the attraction should take note of the best time to view the city from the top. 

4. Visit Bastion For Dinner

Bastion should be a must on your bucket list. Ensure you make your reservation at Jumeirah Hotel before you can visit Bastion. 

It is a steakhouse that offers a view of Burj al Arab and serves kiwami wagyu and lamp chops. You can also taste other appetizers such as calamari, foie gras, etc.

In addition to that, it offers an extensive range of wine lists. There are knowledgeable and skilled staff who will give you suggestions as per your taste and preference. 

Thus, do not forget to stop for an after-dinner cocktail on the 24th floor of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. 

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Taking the hot air balloon ride is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is one of the musts that you need to include in your luxurious travel guide to dubai. 

The ride is calm and peaceful, and you can barely feel any movement. With other balloons floating by, you can get to watch the sunset over the desert. 

After the balloon lands, a Land Rover will take you to an extensive evening tea or breakfast spread. 

6. Study The Rules 

It is important that you research the rules of conduct of the country you are about to visit in advance. There are different prohibitions and rules for tourists within the region. 

For instance, you would need to strictly follow the rules while you are driving or walking down the street. Similarly, you must dress modestly, and swimming suits are prohibited either on beaches or pools. 

On the other hand, in UAE, there are rules not to photograph mosques or people on the street. 

Bon Voyage!

Thus, when planning your itinerary, Dubai has much to offer. Dubai is known for be numerous attractions which is designed for your different interests. 

Thus, planning a luxury trip to Dubai requires careful attention and consideration of details. Some common factors are selecting the right time to visit, finding perfect accommodation, having a list of itineraries, and having a budget. 

So, go ahead and plan a luxurious trip to Dubai and immerse yourself in the lavishness that Dubai has to offer.

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