In-Ground Vs Above-Ground Trampoline: 4 Key Differences

Trampolines have long been a favorite backyard pastime for families, offering endless hours of fun and entertainment. However, when choosing the right trampoline for your backyard, one of the primary decisions is whether to go for an in-ground or above-ground trampoline.

Both options have their advantages and considerations—one difference between the two lies in their installation location. As the name suggests, above-ground trampolines sit above the ground surface, typically supported by a sturdy frame.

Conversely, in-ground trampolines are installed flush with the ground, giving them a seamless appearance. 

At Akrobat USA, we will describe some key differences between in-ground and above-ground trampolines to assist you in choosing the right option for you.

4 Differences Between In-Ground and Above-Ground Trampolines

The in-ground and above-ground trampolines differ in terms of: 

  • Installation and location
  • Bounce mat height
  • Safety considerations
  • Cost and maintenance

We will explore each difference in detail so you can choose wisely when selecting your trampoline.

Installation and Location

The most obvious difference between an in-ground and an above-ground trampoline is the method of installation and the location within the backyard. Above-ground trampolines sit on top of the ground and are supported by metal legs or a frame.

In contrast, in-ground trampolines are installed flush with the ground, with the bounce mat level with the grass. This difference in installation affects the overall appearance and integration with your backyard landscape.

At Akrobat, we pride ourselves on offering trampolines that prioritize safety and enjoyment for families. Whether you choose Akrobat in-ground or above-ground trampolines, you can trust that our products are designed with top-quality materials and innovative features to enhance your outdoor experience.

Bounce Mat Height

Another significant difference is the height of the bounce mat from the ground. Above-ground trampolines typically have the bounce mat positioned 2-3 feet above the ground, depending on the model and size.

This elevated height can make it more challenging for younger children or individuals with mobility issues to access the trampoline safely.

On the other hand, in-ground trampolines have a bounce mat level with the ground, making them easier for users of all ages and abilities to access.

Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount in using trampolines, especially when children are involved. In-ground trampolines offer enhanced safety compared to their above-ground counterparts.

Since the bounce mat is level with the ground, the risk of falling from a significant height is significantly reduced. This feature provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers, knowing that their children can enjoy the trampoline in a safer manner.

At Akrobat, we understand that safety is paramount. Our in-ground and above-ground trampolines are designed with safety as a top priority. We use innovative engineering to ensure that our trampolines provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for users of all ages.

Our in-ground and above-ground trampolines feature durable construction with rust-resistant frames, UV-resistant net protection, and heavy-duty steel frames for stability. Akrobat provides an industry leading lifetime frame warranty.

Also, our in-ground trampolines offer enhanced safety with their flat-to-the-ground design, reducing the risk of falls from significant heights. With Akrobat trampolines, parents and caregivers can have peace of mind knowing their children can enjoy a safer bouncing experience.

Cost and Maintenance

In-ground trampolines often have higher initial costs due to the labor-intensive installation, which may require professional help. Many landscape contractors can do the in ground trampoline installation easily. In-ground trampolines generally demand less maintenance once set up than above-ground trampolines, which may need regular adjustments and inspections.

On the other hand, above-ground trampolines are less expensive upfront and easier to install without professional help. However, they may require more maintenance in the long run due to exposure to weather elements and potential wear and tear.

At Akrobat, we offer a variety of price points for both in-ground and above-ground trampolines, allowing you to choose based on your budget and preferences. We also provide comprehensive instructions for installation and maintenance to ensure that your trampoline remains safer and more functional for years to come.

Choose Your Trampoline and Bounce Safer

Both in-ground and above-ground trampolines have their own set of advantages and considerations. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preferences, budget, and specific backyard requirements.

Whether you choose an in-ground or above-ground trampoline, prioritize safety and invest in a high-quality product.

Akrobat USA’s trampolines are designed to provide hours of bouncing fun while keeping your family safer. Explore our range of in-ground and above-ground trampolines today and take your backyard entertainment to new heights.

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