Niche Ideas for Custom Shirt Printing

When you want to create in demand products or design custom tshirt printing that people will respond to you can do well by considering what a niche market would be and appealing to those people. Trends come and go so it is important to adjust and track what current needs and situations look like. Here are five of the popular trends you might want to appeal to and customize if you have the right tools and the right DTF printers.


This is for those who are pulled to support causes, political ideas, environmentalism, LBGT rights, patriotism and so on. People are a part of something important, it involves certain values, it can be emotive and powerful. Some people throw on their customized t-shirts that support their ideas and thoughts as activists. It is not just charities that can take advantage of these kinds of niches. If you are promoting your business you might target a niche of advocates who you believe would enjoy your brand with customized t-shirts they are drawn to.

Food and drink

A lot of us love food and are all about checking out new cuisines, experimenting in the kitchen, heading to new restaurants, making posts on social media and so on. Custom shirt printing might include having a cute avocado on a shirt with your business logo. There are a lot of niches within the food and drink industry you could focus on, depending on your business or organization. You could focus on healthy foods, certain countries, types like vegans, keep it funny and so on. The most popular food around the world is pizza so maybe you could use that somehow. People of all ages love it so you are not restricting yourself to an age group unless you prefer to.

Owners of pets

Pet owners love all kinds of merchandise so you could get specific branded garments for certain types of animals, or fun t-shirts for their owners showing off their love for their pet. You can narrow it down further to certain types of owners or certain types of pets. What are their needs and how can you meet them and achieve your goals?


Funny t-shirts are hugely popular and are another great choice for niche marketing using custom tshirt printing. You can keep it visual with images or come up with funny slogans. Wordplay, sarcasm and parodies are also very successful.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is another hot topic around the world and there are a lot of niche markets within that area you could target. Active women, people who do Yoga, seniors, runners and more. Custom shirt printing can appeal not just with what you put on the shirt but also with the right choice of shirt they might even work out in it!


Any industry or market has its smaller niches that a business or group can appeal to. That is a good way to find people more likely to become engaged with your messaging or branding. Offer them something they cannot resist and connect with them. It is a good way to encourage loyalty too.

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