Significance and Use Case of KYC Video Identification in Hospitals

KYC video identification has shown wonders in the health sector, they have streamlined their operations through these solutions. The hospitals can mitigate data breaches and fraudulent activities and can ensure that the data of the patients is secured. Businesses must follow these guidelines so that they can check the profile of the individuals.

Introducing KYC Video Identification Check

The KYC video is a digital form of video verification, the companies onboard their users after proper authentications. This step is necessary to check the validation of the user, the companies can ensure that they are not a part of the mysterious activities. The conventional ways of authentication were time-consuming, and the clients had to experience very lengthy steps. The users also choose the businesses that utilize these solutions, as they keep the personal data of the client safe. This is a digital process, all the steps can be done from any place and at any time.

Why Know Your Customer Video Required in the Health Sector?

  • In hospitals, biometric solutions streamline the activities of the staff, as artificial intelligence tools perform all activities. The tools are very advanced in that they record the data in seconds and do not commit any mistakes. In the health sector, a slight delay can cause serious complications, therefore swift services are required in this industry. The tasks that are performed by humans are slow as compared to the latest technology. Therefore it is essential to use advanced means to onboard and verify the patients.
  • The hospital can control duplicate identity issues, there is the probability that two patients have the same name. So to lessen such issues, it is essential to perform the KYC through video call. 
  • Once the user is verified through the biometric system, then they do not have to go through the same task. The system saves their record in its memory and utilizes it for future purposes. The KYC video verified clients are segregated according to their risk rate and the company builds relationships accordingly. 

Use Cases of the KYC Video in the Hospitals

The KYC video identification aids the hospitals in the following ways:

  1. Patient Onboarding

The biometric solutions are experts in onboarding clients, the patients do not have to wait for their turn. It is very hectic for the sufferers to stand in the queue for the authentication, therefore the KYC video is used to onboard the users. This process is done in seconds, and machine learning tools are used to record the data of the patients. They also save the medical history of the victims, this is used for medical treatment purposes.

  1. Preventing Fraudulent Activities

The hackers have not even left the hospitals, they use fake identities to perform the data branching. To mitigate such crimes the healthcare sector needs to check the profile of the patients, and then give them treatment. The insurance companies must verify the users so that they can mitigate fraudulent activities.

  1. Managing Daily Operations

The artificial intelligence tools are experts in regulating the operations of the organizations, they can streamline the activities of the companies. The hospital does not require large management to operate their daily work, they can use the KYC video identification for such activities.

  1. Online Appointment

The best feature of the biometric solution is that the patients can book their online appointments. They do not have to visit the hospitals, it saves their precious time.

  1. Disease Diagnosis

The machine learning tools are very advanced, they can even detect the disease which the patient is about to suffer soon. The scanner checks the face of the victim and then diagnoses the disease. This technology also helps the doctors, it assists them in their operations. 

  1. Saves Medical History

The biometric solutions record the history of the patients so that they do not have to carry their documents along themselves. The doctors can easily get this record with just a single click, then they do not have to ask the patient to tell their thorough record.


The KYC video verification assists the doctors and the paramedical staff in their daily operations. These tools are very swift and efficient in their workings, they do not get tired or distracted by their ambiance. The hospitals can regulate their work through the integration of advanced technology. It provides seamless services to patients and saves their time. Other than this it also preserves the personal information of the victim and ensures that only an authentic person gets access to the system. The hospitals must have to comply with these solutions so that they can mitigate fraudulent activities.

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