The Features of CAMMUS C5 Revolutionary Model

In the fast-paced world of automotive technology, only a few products stand apart with their innovative solutions and groundbreaking achievements. One of the great products is CAMMUS C5. The CAMMUS C5 is known for its advanced designs. It has introduced several leading-edge technologies in electric and sports cars. CAMMUS truly stands out by its continuous commitment to enhance and improve the existing systems. With their conceptualized and practical approaches and designs, CAMMUS continues to redefine automobile performance. In this article, we will tell you about CAMMUS C5, which is the Global First Direct Drive Steering Wheel.

CAMMUS C5 Model: True Specimen of Advanced Engineering

Due to its distinguishing features, the CAMMUS racing C5 model from the cammusracing website warrants special attention. The CAMMUS C5 is technologically advanced and is specifically designed to enhance the performance of speed vehicles. One of its main features lies in the processing of the MIX6-base T-bracket. The processing is done meticulously, following the drawings both left and right. Its remarkable design and structure help enhance the performance of vehicles.

Key Features of the CAMMUS C5 Model

The CAMMUS C5 model incorporates state-of-the-art components designed for optimum functionality. These features offer enhanced control, stability, and overall performance. Some of the key features include:

  • MIX6-base T-bracket processed according to the drawing (left and right)
  • Hexagon socket head screwM6*12 / 304 black
  • Cooling fan (turbo blower) 6015 / 24v, 3-wire speed control

These technological advancements have considerably enhanced the model’s operational efficiency and made it a preferred choice among automobile enthusiasts.

Building Strength: Hexagon Socket Head ScrewM6*12 / 304 Black

CAMMUS C5 has structural integrity and is further reinforced with Hexagon socket head screws (M6*12 / 304 black). These screws are renowned for their strength and rust-resistant properties, adding longevity to the entire setup. Extra care has been taken to employ superior and durable materials to construct every part of the C5 model.

Cooling System: The Turbo Blower 6015 / 24v

The CAMMUS C5 model is equipped with a cooling fan turbo blower 6015 / 24v to ensure the system remains cool even under high-performance conditions. The cooling fan is not ordinary; it uses three-wire speed control for better performance. This advanced cooling system ensures optimal functioning and prevents overheating, thus contributing to the longevity of the vehicle and maximizing its performance.


We hope we guided you well on the CAMMUS C5. The CAMMUS direct drive C5 model is the epitome of modern, technologically advanced vehicles. The precision in design, superior materials, and top-notch features make it a revolutionary entry into the world of speed vehicles.

CAMMUS, with its commitment to excellence and continuous adoption of advanced technologies, has not only redefined the standards in the field of car performance but also continues to provide driving enthusiasts with better ways to explore their passion. The C5 model embodies all that CAMMUS wheel stands for and is a testimony to the company’s continual strive towards innovation and enhancement.

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