The Value of Garage Door Maintenance Advice for Residential Owners

Your garage door is a vital part of your home. It keeps your car and belongings secure and helps increase your property’s resale value.

However, it requires regular maintenance to function correctly and safely. A few simple tasks can ensure that your garage door works properly and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Check the Rollers

Overhead garage doors open and close more than 1,000 times yearly, so it’s no wonder they are subject to significant wear and tear. With proper maintenance, they can operate smoothly and efficiently for years.

Lubrication is essential to your garage door’s function, as it reduces the strain on components by limiting friction. It would help if you lubricated the rollers, hinges, and springs during routine maintenance.

Also, inspect the jamb brackets and struts to ensure they are in good condition. If not, you should call a professional to replace them.

You should also check the photo-eye sensors to ensure that they are not obstructed or covered in dirt. If they are, you should clean them with a mild household cleaner. Finally, it would help if you tightened the bolts and nuts that hold the rails to the support brackets. It will help prevent them from loosening over time, causing the track to become misaligned.

Check the Tracks

Only things work correctly with regular maintenance. That is especially true of your garage door, which must be inspected and maintained to ensure it can continue working well into the future.

The tracks on a garage door are among its most important components because they support and direct the door’s upward and downward motion. During a visual inspection, look for indicators of wear and tear on the track surface to learn more about any damage. Opening and closing the door could be more complicated if the track is rusty, leading to other issues.

It is also good to check that the photoelectric sensor and mechanical auto-reverse features still function correctly. You can test this by waving a broom or pool noodle in front of the sensor as it’s closing and ensuring that the door automatically reverses. If you need help, you should contact a technician to inspect and repair the system.

Check the Springs

Regular garage door maintenance ensures your home’s safety and security. It includes examining and repairing any signs of wear or tear on the springs, cables, tracks, and opener. It prevents damage from occurring and saves you money on costly repairs in the future.

Lubrication is another crucial aspect of a regular garage door maintenance schedule. It reduces friction and reduces the strain on moving parts, helping them last longer and operate smoothly. It is also essential to check the balance of your garage door. If off-balance, it will put undue stress on the opener and could cause a safety hazard.

During routine maintenance, service technicians can identify minor issues that may cause more significant problems. For example, replacing a loose bolt or a broken sensor can quickly address them, avoiding a considerable repair bill. By detecting and addressing these minor issues, homeowners can ensure their garage doors function correctly and safely for years.

Check the Opener

Just as a door’s components and parts need regular maintenance, so does the opener that runs it. Its battery must be replaced regularly (and only with batteries approved by the manufacturer).

It is also important to lubricate the pulleys on extension spring openers and the bearings on torsion springs. You can use white lithium grease or spray lubricant to achieve this. This process will take about 10 minutes, adding years of smooth operation to your garage door.

Finally, it is a good idea to test the photo-eye sensors and mechanical auto-reverse mechanisms to ensure they work correctly. It can be done by placing an object under the door as it closes. If it reverses, it works correctly. If you still need to, you should have a professional service look at it. Detecting problems early will prevent them from worsening, possibly leading to expensive repairs or replacements. It will also keep you from experiencing an unsafe situation.

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