What Is the Monthly Cost of Skip Hire in Manchester 2024?

Hiring a skip is like giving your clutter the boot – a one-way ticket to a tidier space. But hey, before you dive headfirst into the skip-hire plunge, let’s chat about the ins and outs of the money involved. The coin you toss for this rubbish rendezvous isn’t just a drop in the bucket; it’s a calculated affair based on skip size, location, duration, and sometimes, the need for a permit. When searching for affordable waste removal solutions, consider local skips hire for budget-friendly options.

Sizing Up Your Skip:

The grand poobah of skip-hire costs is the size of your trash chariot. You see, smaller skips may be the David in this waste management tale, but Goliath-sized skips bring a wallet-busting showdown. It’s not just about the skip itself; it’s about hauling away your mess – recycling, landfill, incineration – the works.

For instance, a petite mini skip, perfect for a week-long waste escapade, dances between £90-£130. Meanwhile, its heavyweight cousin, the 12-yard skip, might set you back around £250-£440 for the same duration. Why the big price tag? It’s like ordering a small pizza versus a family-sized feast – more content means a heftier bill.


Now, you might be thinking, “But what happens to my stuff after I chuck it in the skip? Is it living its best afterlife?” Fear not, eco-warrior! The key is choosing a skip hire company with a recycling groove. Do a little sleuthing; check out their online digs.

If they’re into recycling, they’ll shout it from the virtual rooftops. After all, who wouldn’t want to show off their green thumb, right? Lakey’s Garden Services sums it up best: “Research the company that you choose to use for the skip hire, have a look at the websites, and if they are keen on recycling, they will promote this on the website. Hope that helps.”

Skip Hire Price List:

Let’s cut to the chase – the moolah talk. Here’s a snapshot of the skip hire price list. Brace yourself; the numbers can be as unpredictable as British weather.

2-3 yard mini skip30+ bin bags£60-£130
4-5 yard mini skip40+ bin bags£100-£250
6 yard skip60+ bin bags£120-£300
8 yard skip80+ bin bags£160-£370
10 yard skip100+ bin bags£180-£400
12 yard skip120+ bin bags£220-£440
14 yard skip145+ bin bags£220-£460
16 yard skip170+ bin bags£240-£500
18 yard skip195+ bin bags£280-£550
20 yard roll-on roll-off skip220+ bin bags£300-£600
30 yard roll-on roll-off skip330+ bin bags£320-£650
40 yard roll-on roll-off skip440+ bin bags£400-£800
(Monthly cost chart of skip hire in Manchester 2024)

Curious for a custom price? Just post your job, and let the magic happen. It’s like finding the perfect match for your waste – free and no strings attached.

The Labour Hustle and Bustle:

Two labours working, representing a unique combination of sunset and skip hire services in Manchester

Now, hold on to your wallet, mate! The labour costs are hitching a ride too. They cozy up within the overall skip hire price. Picture this: you’re not just paying for the skip, you’re paying for the skip’s entourage – the unsung heroes sorting and processing your waste, steering the skip-filled lorries through the urban jungle. And here’s the kicker – labour costs in London have a fancier price tag than their North of the UK counterparts.

Counting the Extra Beans:

Skip hire isn’t a solo act; there’s a supporting cast of additional costs. Brace yourself; the plot thickens:

1. Demolition:

If your project involves knocking down walls (or garages), be ready to shell out anywhere from £500 to £2500. Demolition is the opening scene, and the price is the ticket.

2. Garden Waste Redemption:

For a garden safety and beauty, budget around £100-£200. Your plants might thank you; your wallet, not so much.

3. Labour Costs: 

General laborers charge £8-£15 per hour, depending on the gig. Local Skips Hire is your go-to choice for efficiently getting rid of unwanted waste in the Manchester area.

Cost Factors Demystified:

Now, let’s unravel the skip hire enigma. Here are the main factors that play skip-tennis with your wallet:

1. Size of the Skip: 

Size matters, folks! Pay more for a larger skip – it’s the heavyweight champ of waste management.

2. Duration of Skip Hire:

Tick-tock, tick-tock. The longer you keep the skip, the deeper you’ll dip into your pockets.

3. Your Location in the UK: 

North or South, skip hire is an ever-changing landscape. London, the posh part, demands a bit more moolah than the Northern territories.

4. Your Waste Materials:

Not all waste is created equal. Certain items might be the forbidden fruit for skip companies. Keep paints, oils, and the like out of your skip or pay the price. For a comprehensive guide on What’s Involved in hiring a skip, turn to local skips hire to navigate the skip hiring process effortlessly.

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