XtrixTV IPTV Review: Best Reliable IPTV services for Android

In this comprehensive review, I delve into the intricate world of IPTV services, focusing on XtrixTV IPTV, widely regarded as one of the best reliable IPTV services for Android. My journey through this review will encompass every aspect that spells success or failure for an IPTV provider – from the cost-effectiveness of XtrixTV’s subscription model to the nuances of installing and operating it on Android devices.

As I explore the functionalities and user experience that XtrixTV offers, I will also assess the quality of customer support and weigh the pros and cons. This analysis aims to thoroughly evaluate XtrixTV, determining if it truly stands as the best IPTV UK service for Android users, highlighted by its appealing IPTV free trial option.

XtrixTV IPTV Review

XtrixTV ranks among the top IPTV services in UK, boasting a diverse lineup of over 1000 live channels from countries like the UK, Australia, Ireland, Greece, Germany, the USA, and other European nations. It offers an impressive array of over 200 sports channels and a vast selection of more than 3000 VOD options.

While XtrixTV’s channel count may not be the most extensive compared to many IPTV providers in the market, it stands out for its exceptional stability and functionality. It outshines traditional TV by offering a broader range of international channels and on-demand content at more flexible subscription rates and choices. Catering to a wide range of user preferences, XtrixTV’s extensive content library includes pay-per-view sports events, movies, news, soap operas, music, adult content, and more, all compatible with Android and Firestick devices. Moreover, XtrixTV sets itself apart by offering a longer free trial period than most IPTVs – a full three-day IPTV free trial, allowing users to experience the joy of streaming media in advance!

Is XtrixTV Safe and Legal?

  1. Legality: IPTV services, including XtrixTV, are legal in their essence. However, the legality of using an IPTV service like XtrixTV can vary significantly depending on the country and its specific laws regarding digital content and broadcasting rights. Each country has its own set of regulations governing the distribution and consumption of digital content, including IPTV. Users are advised to familiarize themselves with their local laws to understand any restrictions or conditions that might apply to the use of IPTV services.
  2. Safety: From a technical safety standpoint, XtrixTV appears to be secure. According to scans conducted by VirusTotal, a trusted online service that analyzes files and URLs for viruses, malware, and other malicious content, XtrixTV does not contain viruses or malware. This suggests that the app is safe to download and use on your devices, free from common digital threats.

Do I need a VPN for IPTV?

Using a VPN for IPTV is generally recommended. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides several benefits:

  1. Privacy and Security: It encrypts your internet connection, protecting your online activities from being monitored or tracked by ISPs or other entities.
  2. Access to Geo-restricted Content: A VPN can help bypass geographical restrictions, allowing you to access a wider range of content that may not be available in your region.
  3. Improved Streaming Experience: Some ISPs may throttle bandwidth for streaming services. A VPN can help avoid this, potentially improving streaming quality.

While not mandatory, using a VPN with IPTV services tends to enhance privacy, security, and content accessibility.

Quickly Discover XtrixTV IPTV’s Unique Features

  1. Extensive Channel Selection: Offers over 1000 live TV channels.
  2. Rich VOD Library: Access to more than 3000 VOD movies and TV shows.
  3. Global Channel Coverage: Includes channels from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Australia, and more.
  4. Diverse Channel Categories: Features news, entertainment, sports, adult, and other varied channel types.
  5. Premium Sports Content: Provides Pay-Per-View (PPV) for top sports events.
  6. 7-Day Electronic Program Guide: Free access to a week-long TV schedule.
  7. Favorites Functionality: Enables quick access to preferred channels.
  8. Up to 7-Day Catch-Up: Conveniently catch up on TV programs and events.
  9. 3-Day Free IPTV Trial: Allows users to evaluate the product.
  10. Instant IPTV Activation: No waiting required for activation.
  11. Cloud-Based IPTV Recording: Record your favorite shows in the cloud.
  12. 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a refund policy for reassurance.
  13. Visa & Master card accepted.
  14. 24/7 Customer Support: Round-the-clock assistance.
  15. Dedicated Android App: Tailored application for Android users.
  16. Compatibility: Works with all Android and Firestick devices.
  17. Reliable and Stable Servers: Ensures consistent streaming quality.

XtrixTV Subscription Plans

Before committing to an IPTV subscription, it’s crucial to evaluate the cost of the plan and its compatibility with your needs. XtrixTV IPTV offers two subscription packages: XtrixTV and XtrixTV Plus. The main difference lies in the enhanced features of XtrixTV Plus, including 7-day catch-up and cloud recording capabilities.

If you’re using multiple devices, XtrixTV also provides sub-device packages for your second, third, and fourth devices, potentially saving you between $50 to $110. Check their subscription plans in the table provided below. To ensure you don’t spend money on a service that doesn’t meet your preferences, consider taking advantage of the 72-hour free trial before making a final decision.

XtrixTV IPTV Subscription PlanDurationPriceConnections
XtrixTV IPTV Subscription72 hours Free Trial$01
1 Month$19.991
3 Months$49.991
6 Months$79.991
12 Months$139.991
XtrixTV Plus Subscription72 hours Free Trial$01
1 Month$32.991
3 Months$79.991
6 Months$129.991
12 Months$199.991
Sub-Device Subscription72 hours Free Trial$01
12 Months$89.991

Note: Sub-Device Subscription is exclusively accessible to customers with an XtrixTV or XtrixTV Plus subscription.

XtrixTV offers a range of features and designs that vary depending on the compatible devices and subscription packages. For a better understanding of what each plan entails and to choose the one that suits you best, please refer to the comparison table provided below.

Compatible deviceAndroid TV & TV Box / FirestickAndroid Phone & Pad & TabletAndroid TV & TV Box / FirestickAndroid Phone & Pad & Tablet
1300+ Live TV
3000+ VOD
EPG (TV Guide)
Grid EPG×××
Classic EPG××
Normal EPG
VOD with Valued Sport××
7 Days Catch Up××
Cloud PVR××

XtrixTV IPTV Compatible device

XtrixTV is compatible with all Android and firestick devices. Here’s a look at the most popular Android devices:

XtrixTV Installation and Setup on Android

If you’re ready to subscribe to an XtrixTV plan, please follow the subscription and installation steps outlined below to obtain your IPTV activation code and install XtrixTV on your device. For those interested in further user experience reviews of XtrixTV, skip ahead to the next section of the article, titled “How to Use & Watch Xtrix TV IPTV on Android?” for more insights.

Pre-installation Preparations

  1. Register an Account: Visit the XtrixTV IPTV site, navigate to “Login and Registration,” and access the registration page.
  1. Complete Registration: Fill out the necessary information and select “Register.”
  1. Activate Account: Use the link in the activation email to activate your XtrixTV IPTV account.
  1. Log In: Input your username and password, then click “Log In.”
  1. Choose an IPTV plan: Select a trial or subscription plan on the “Buy IPTV” page.
  1. Add to Cart: Click “Add to Cart” and follow the subsequent prompts.
  1. Enter Billing Details: Provide the required billing information, agree to the terms, and click “Place Order.”
  1. Get Free Trial Code / Subscription Code: Find your IPTV code on the order success page, or in your registered email, or under “My Account > License keys.”

How to Install XtrixTV on Android TV or Box?

  1. Enable Unknown Sources:
    1. Access the settings on your Android TV.
    2. Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner.
    3. Select ‘Device Preferences’.
    4. Scroll down to ‘Security & Restrictions’.
    5. Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Download XtrixTV IPTV APP:
    1. On your PC, open a web browser.
    2. Download the XtrixTV IPTV APP TV box installation version from the provided link.
    3. Complete the download process.
  3. Transfer APP File to Android TV:
    1. Copy the downloaded XtrixTV IPTV APP file to a USB drive.
    2. Connect the USB drive to your Android TV or Box.
  4. Install the APP:
    1. Open the file manager on your Android TV.
    2. Locate the XtrixTV IPTV APP file on the USB drive.
    3. Open the file to initiate the installation process.
  5. Activate XtrixTV IPTV APP:
    1. Once installed, start the XtrixTV IPTV APP.
    2. Click on the Application Center within the app.
    3. Enter the activation code you received from your IPTV service provider into the activation code field.
    4. Complete the instant activation process.

How to Install XtrixTV on Android Smartphone?

  1. Access Settings: Open the settings on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to Security: Go to the ‘Security’ section (or ‘Apps & Notifications’ on some devices).
  3. Special App Access: Select ‘Special app access’ within the settings.
  4. Install Unknown Apps: Choose ‘Install Unknown Apps’ and select ‘Google Chrome’ from the list provided.
  1. Allow Apps from This Source: Find the toggle next to ‘Allow apps from this source’ and turn it on if it’s off.
  2. Confirm Setting: Ensure that this setting is enabled to proceed.
  3. Utilize Search Feature: Use the search function in settings for a quicker way to find ‘Install Unknown Apps’.
  4. Download XtrixTV APP: Use your browser to download the latest version of the XtrixTV APP. Click on the provided link that matches your mobile version and the APP version corresponding to your subscription code.
  • XtrixTV (PAD, Smartphone Version): https://www.topiptvguide.com/xtpad.apk
  • XtrixTV Plus (PAD, Smartphone Version): https://www.topiptvguide.com/xtppad.apk
  • Sub-Device (PAD, Smartphone Version): https://www.topiptvguide.com/subpad.apk
  1. Install the APP: After downloading, install the XtrixTV APP on your device.
  2. Activate XtrixTV APP: Open the XtrixTV APP, enter the user center, and input your IPTV activation code to activate and use the service. (The IPTV activation code is provided by your IPTV service provider).

How to Use & Watch XtrixTV IPTV on Android?

Using and watching XtrixTV IPTV on Android devices is straightforward. In the following sections, I will explain various aspects including the interface experience, feature usage, video quality and stability, as well as customer support.

IPTV User Interface

XtrixTV features a relatively simple interface design. The user center, located in the top left corner, is where you activate your IPTV Code. The central part of the interface is divided into six main sections: Live TV, Movies, TV Series, Grid EPG, Recordings, and Favorite.

It’s important to note that Grid EPG, Recordings, and the 7-day Catch up feature in Live TV are exclusively available in the XtrixTV Plus version. In the lower left corner, the settings include standard options and parental controls, software/hardware decoding features, and more. Additionally, the Fav Manager allows for customization of your favorites list.

Live TV

When you enter the Live TV section of XtrixTV, you’ll find access to over 1000 live channels, including content from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Greece, Germany, Italy, the USA, and over 26 other European countries. These Live TV channels are organized into groups based on country or sport category, allowing you to select and view live content from a category that matches your interests.

Channels marked with a camera icon offer a 7-day free Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for your convenience. Additionally, around 200 live channels provide a 14-day EPG for enhanced viewing planning.

EPG format change

XtrixTV offers three types of Electronic Program Guides (EPG): Grid EPG, Classic EPG, and Normal EPG. You have the flexibility to switch between these EPG formats either in the settings menu or directly from the navigation bar of live channels.

Here’s a simple table explaining the differences between Grid EPG, Classic EPG, and Normal EPG:

FeatureGrid EPGClassic EPGNormal EPG
LayoutGrid-based interfaceList-style interfaceStandard, simplified view
DesignVisually rich and detailedStraightforward and linearBasic and easy-to-navigate
UsabilityIdeal for browsing multiple channels at onceSuitable for scrolling through channels one by oneBest for quick and simple access to current programming
User ExperienceOffers a comprehensive overview, great for planningSimple and easy to use, good for quick browsingMinimalistic, focusing on current and upcoming shows
Best ForUsers who want a detailed schedule and program overviewUsers who prefer a traditional, list-based EPGUsers seeking a no-frills, straightforward program guide

VOD Library

XtrixTV boasts a vast library of over 3000 on-demand titles, catering to a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re looking to revisit classic movies and TV shows or enjoy thrilling sports moments, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Simply select a category from the left side to easily locate your desired content and start watching with just a click. For TV and sports enthusiasts, it doesn’t get better than this!

Catch up and Cloud PVR

XtrixTV Plus offers an extended 14-day EPG for live channels, along with a 7-day Catch up feature and cloud PVR functionality. XtrixTV Plus supports up to 20+ file storage and 40 hours of storage capacity for recording space. With the EPG, you can view upcoming content and plan your watching schedule in advance. If you’re too busy to catch a live show, you can use cloud PVR to record the video to the cloud for anytime, anywhere viewing. Even if you miss a program, the 7-day Catch up feature allows you to revisit the moment it was broadcast.

It’s important to note that only channels marked with a camera icon support the 14-day EPG, 7-day Catch up, and cloud PVR features.

Personal preference management

The “Favorites” feature of XtrixTV allows you to bookmark your preferred channels, movies, and TV series. With this feature, you can quickly locate your desired content in the “FAV” section when you turn on your TV. Using the “FAV” feature is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Open the channel you want to watch, and a navigation bar will appear at the bottom.
  2. Click on the five-pointed star icon to add it to your favorites.
  3. You will now find your bookmarked channels in the “FAV” section under channel categories.

Built-in Decoder

The built-in decoder of XtrixTV can be found in the settings menu. If you encounter any synchronization issues between video and audio on your channels, switching the decoder can typically resolve this problem. This is one of the key advantages of XtrixTV as a standalone application – it allows for regular updates, enhancements, and feature upgrades, ensuring that users can enjoy an optimized viewing experience to the fullest.

Customer Support and Service

During my installation of XtrixTV, I did encounter some minor issues. After all, there are so many Android devices out there, and it’s challenging for their tutorials to cover every single one. However, all of my problems were effectively resolved, thanks to the surprisingly prompt and patient customer support provided by XtrixTV. They assisted me throughout the entire process, from subscription to installation.

XtrixTV offers a 3-day free trial and a 3-day refund guarantee, supports both Visa and MasterCard payment methods, and provides 24/7 customer support. Furthermore, throughout my subscription, I didn’t experience any prolonged buffering or freezing issues while watching live channels. The video quality remained crisp, and the servers operated smoothly. Even during crucial moments like scoring goals, XtrixTV performed admirably. All of these factors contribute to a reassuring experience for IPTV users during the subscription and usage process.

XtrixTV Pros and Cons

Based on the comprehensive features of XtrixTV, here’s a list of Pros and Cons specifically for Android device users, presented from a reviewer’s perspective:


  1. Extensive Content Library: Offers over 1000 live channels from 26 countries, along with more than 3000 VODs, including movies, TV shows, and sports events.
  2. Rich Selection of Sports Channels: Features over 200 premium sports channels, catering to sports enthusiasts.
  3. Enhanced Features: Includes EPG (Electronic Program Guide), FAV (Favorites), Catch up, and cloud PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functionalities.
  4. High Video Quality: Provides stable and high-definition streaming quality.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Starts at $19.99, offering good value for the range of content and features.
  6. Excellent Customer Service: Known for good, patient, and timely support.
  7. Exclusive Device Support: Each subscription code supports one device, focusing on Android and Firestick devices.
  8. Generous Free Trial Period: Offers a 3-day free trial, which is more advantageous compared to other IPTV services on the market.


  1. One Device Limitation per Code: A single subscription code can only be used on one device. Subdevice IPTV Code requires an additional subscription.
  2. Lack of Broad Platform Support: May not cater to users who prefer or require a wider range of device compatibility beyond Android and Firestick.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

As a reviewer exploring various IPTV options, I can confidently recommend XtrixTV as one of the best reliable IPTV services for Android users. With its competitive pricing starting at just $19.99, XtrixTV stands out as a comprehensive IPTV provider, offering an extensive range of over 1000 channels and 3000+ VODs. The inclusion of unique features such as EPG, Catch up, and cloud PVR, combined with the high-definition and stable video quality, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable IPTV subscription. Additionally, the 3-day IPTV free trial is a generous offer that exceeds what most providers in the market present, allowing potential users to thoroughly test and evaluate the service. Based on these strengths, XtrixTV is an outstanding choice for Android users looking for a rich and enjoyable streaming experience.

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