Explaining how handball works  

Handball is a sport that looks like a mixture of football and basketball. Perform a 1xBet login now to start wagering on this extraordinary sport. It is played indoors on a court that’s 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, which is about the size of a basketball court. However, it also has goals that are similar to the ones that can be found in football, which measure 2 by 3 meters.

The game is played with two teams of 7 players each. That’s 6 field players who do things like:

  • run;
  • pass;
  • and bounce the ball around.

A 1xBet login can be made now if you want to start wagering on all these things that happen during a match of this sport. There is also 1 goalkeeper who’s basically the last stand between a flying ball and the back of the net.

A hectic sport

The objective is pretty straightforward – score more goals than the other team. If you think you know who will win a match, go now to the https://www.1xbet.ng/en/live website to wager on it.

Players can take up to 3 steps holding the ball before they have to dribble or pass. And if they’re leaping towards the goal, the rule of thumb is to let go of the ball before you land back on the court.

Speaking of scoring, games are usually high-scoring affairs. It’s not unusual to see scores like 30-25 at the end of a 60-minute match, split into 2 30-minute halves. The 1xBet website is also available for wagering on everything that happens in these periods too.

And don’t think those goalkeepers have it easy. A handball can zip through the air at speeds of up to 70 mph (112 km/h).

A discipline with a worldwide following

The International Handball Federation boasts about 27 million registered players across the globe, and that’s not even counting casual players. At this moment you can go to 1xBet – place a virtual soccer bet and a handball one as well on the best players from this sport.

In terms of international competition, handball has been an Olympic sport for men since 1972 and for women since 1976. European countries tend to dominate

Teams like Denmark, France and Norway have often seen gold, silver, and bronze finishes in various competitions. Punters can place a virtual soccer bet or a great handball one at the 1xBet website, where excellent odds can be found as well.

Tournaments like the World Handball Championships or the European Championships are massive, with national teams battling it out for the top spot. These events draw crowds by the 10s of thousands and are watched by millions at home.

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