The former BJK İnönü Stadium

The BJK İnönü Stadium was a place with quite a story. Right now anybody can visit the platform 1xBet – secure online betting can be made on the best Turkish football matches too.

It all started back in 1939, when they first planned to build it, but then World War II hit, and they had to put the brakes on. It finally opened in 1947. None other than the Turkish President İsmet İnönü, who was a huge Beşiktaş fan, was there to cut the ribbon. As it can be guessed, this team was going to be the main tenant of this facility. If you are a Beşiktaş fan, you can discover secure online betting options on all its matches by visiting the 1xBet platform.

A place with a lot of history

Originally, it could hold 16,000 fans, which was pretty impressive at the time. They had these grand plans for athlete statues, but those never got off the ground because of money issues. The stadium’s been through a few name changes over the years, too. It was the İnönü Stadium for a long time, named after the President who opened it. Enjoy now the 1x Bet apps for betting, where punters will also discover fantastic opportunities to wager on everything that Turkish football has to offer.

Then in 2004, they did a big makeover. They boosted the capacity to over 32,000 by tweaking the ground level and sprucing up the place to meet UEFA standards. But, because the stadium is considered a historic monument in a really prime spot, any major changes had to be carefully planned. They finally got all the permissions sorted out in 2013 after a lot of back and forth. The 1xBet apps for wagering can be used for betting on Turkish football, which you can do from your Android or iOS device.

A tourist attraction in Istanbul

It is fair to say that this stadium was also quite a tourist attraction of its own. In addition to being an impressive football venue with a huge and rich history, from this facility it was also possible to see some of Istanbul’s most iconic locations. All bettors can now visit and place wagers on fantastic virtual counterparts of football matches too.

Some of the attractions that were visible from here were:

  • the Bosphorus;
  • the Dolmabahçe Palace;
  • the Dolmabahçe Clock Tower;
  • the Dolmabahçe Mosque;
  • and the Maiden’s Tower.

After serving as Beşiktaş’ home for 67 years, the BJK İnönü Stadium was demolished in 2013. It gave way to a brand new venue located in the exact same place, which is the Beşiktaş Stadyumu. All matches that are played here can also be wagered by visiting the 1xBet website too.

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