How to Choose the Best Diesel Heater for Your Van or Overland Camper?

The heating capacity of the perfect diesel heater should correspond to the size of your camper or van. All of the living areas should be adequately warmed, offering comfort in all weather circumstances, particularly on chilly evenings or during winter travels.

A perfect diesel heater uses very little fuel. Seek for models with cutting-edge combustion technology, which maximizes heat production while consuming the least amount of fuel. Diesel heaters are particularly valuable during cold weather or winter camping. 

If you plan to live in your van during the winter months then a heater is vital. Although cozy blankets and duvets are wonderful when you’re in bed, getting in and out of your van when it looks like an ice cube is a very unpleasant experience. Though there are a variety of fuel options available, diesel heaters are typically regarded as the finest heaters for van life.

Considerations for Selecting a Diesel Heater for Your Van

A diesel heater contributes significantly to the overall well-being of occupants. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, promoting a positive living experience on a weekend camping trip or an extended overland journey. A reliable heating system ensures comfort during chilly nights and winter excursions. Here we’ll explore some considerations to think about when choosing the best diesel heater for your van or overland camper.

  • Diesel Heater Type

The air heater, which merely expels hot air, is the most popular kind of diesel heater. In addition to heating water, the air and water heater also blows hot air. The most advanced kind of diesel heater is the hydronic heater, which not only heats water and produces hot air but also uses the engine’s excess heat energy as fuel. This allows you to extract a finite amount of free energy from your drives.

  • Warranty and Plumbing

Buy the more expensive models if you want a heater with endurance and a warranty. Low-cost heaters lack warranties and are made of inferior materials that are more prone to break down quickly. It’s advisable to install a diesel heater if you intend to spend a lot of time in your vehicle. But, we suggest opting for an all-in-one heater if you only want to use your van sometimes or if you want a warmer you can use it elsewhere (like your garage).

  • Noise Level

A silencer intended to lessen the noise the heater produces is typically included with heaters. When deciding which model to purchase, one may want to take price into account as the more costly versions will be more effective at eliminating noise. Modern diesel heaters are designed for quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed living environment. This is especially important during nighttime use when minimizing noise levels contribute to a restful sleep experience.

  • Heat Output

This is the most crucial thing to think about. To fit your vehicle, you must get the appropriate size heater. A 2KW heater will work just well in a compact van, such as a VW transporter. Even with a low power, this will be able to heat the van. Choose a heater at least 5 KW if you have a larger campervan, such as the Mercedes Sprinter or the Renault Master. If you intend to spend more than just the occasional weekend in chilly weather, you should also get a 5KW heater.

  • Visit on High Altitudes

Low-cost diesel heaters from China or Russia function well at low altitudes but cannot operate at high altitudes. Any altitude above 2,000 metres is regarded as high. Consider the more expensive models or get a high altitude kit for your campervan diesel heater if you intend to travel over 2000 meters.

Best Diesel Heater for Your Van or Camper

Here we will discuss major diesel heaters for your van or camper like;

  1. VEVOR 8 KW Diesel Air Heater

Operating temperature of the oil pump: -40°C to +40°C or -104°F to +104°F. Don’t let the chilly winters keep you from traveling or going camping throughout the year. Prepare to stay toasty with the VEVOR 8KW Diesel Air Heater made of diesel. Warmth comes from every breath! The aluminium combustion chamber warms the cool air that is inhaled and makes it even hotter. It can also quickly pre-heat the engine and remove frost from windows. Streamline your wintertime explorations.

  1. VEVOR 5KW Diesel Air Heater 

The heater has a power of 5KW and a working temperature of -40°C to 50°C. The oil pump operates at -40°C to 40°C. The rated voltage is 12V. With this diesel air heater, they can warm your car and clear the frost from your windows on chilly winter days. The aluminium heater operates silently and quickly in any challenging environment.

  1. VEVOR Diesel Heater 12V

Oil Pump Working Temp: -40°C + 40°F; Heater Working Temp: -40°C + 50°F; Rated Voltage: 12V; Heater Power: 2KW. With this diesel air heater, their team can warm your car and clear the frost from your windows on chilly winter days. The aluminium heater performs well in any challenging environment thanks to its quick heating time and quiet operation. An oil pump on the diesel heater precisely regulates the fuel inlet for complete combustion, resulting in energy savings and smooth operation. 

Sum Up

Properly installed diesel heaters for campers evacuate all waste fumes outside of your van, exactly like the engine combustion fumes do. In order to keep them from overheating, they typically have a safety cut-off mechanism, and diesel fuel is more difficult to ignite than petrol. Diesel heaters are extremely safe to use and keep running all night long because of these features.

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