Incall vs. Outcall Explained

The terms “incall” and “outcall” are used in the context of services involving personal interactions, such as massage services, escort services, or other similar businesses. While both are related to the same type of service, they have different meanings and implications.

Here’s an in-depth comparison of the two terms.


Incall refers to a type of service in which the client visits the service provider’s location, such as a massage parlor or an escort’s apartment. The service provider is the one who arranges the location and provides the necessary amenities for the service to be performed.


  • I booked an incall massage appointment for tomorrow at the spa.
  • The escort agency offers both incall and outcall services.
  • The pet grooming salon charges less for incall services than for outcall services.

Outcall, on the other hand, refers to a type of service in which the service provider travels to the client’s location, whether it is a hotel room, a private residence, or another location of the client’s choice.


  • The massage therapist offers outcall services to clients within a 50-mile radius.
  • I prefer outcall pet grooming services because my dog gets anxious in new environments.
  • The escort charges extra for outcall services that require her to travel long distances.


One key difference between incall and outcall services is the convenience they offer the client. Incall services are generally more convenient for clients who can travel to the service provider’s location as they do not need to worry about arranging a meeting place or preparing their location for the service. On the other hand, outcall services offer more convenience to clients with limited mobility or those preferring the service in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Another critical difference between the two services is the level of privacy they offer. Incall services may be more private and secure since they occur in a location controlled by the service provider. Outcall services, however, may be more public and visible since they take place in a location specified by the client, which may not always offer the same level of privacy as the service provider’s location.

In terms of cost, outcall services are generally more expensive than incall services due to the additional time, effort, and expenses involved in traveling to the client’s location. However, some service providers may offer discounts or promotions for repeat clients or those booking multiple sessions in advance.

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