Know When to Settle vs. Go to Trial: Understand Your Options in a Michigan Personal Injury Case

Often, personal injuries in Michigan caused by negligence at work, home, on the road, or any other place may have legal ramifications. You may accept a settlement or go to trial depending on the injury’s extent,

With only 4% of personal injury cases reaching trial, you need a personal injury attorney Michigan to help you decide the best course of action. Whichever you choose, consult and hire a personal injury lawyer to assist you navigate it successfully. 

Explore these two remedy options for your personal injury case. 

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Settling Personal Injury Cases Out of Court

As an accident victim, getting personal injury benefits helps you maintain your quality of life and meet new financial challenges caused by the accident.

Settlement negotiation is the most common way to engage between parties seeking these benefits. 

Here is why.


Court cases take a long time to conclude. Some cases run for over a year before rendering a verdict. During this time, accident victims may go into debt or lack the proper care they require without sufficient resources. 

Consequently, a plaintiff, with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Michigan, may decide on a negotiation settlement instead of going to court to get their benefits faster.


In addition to saving time, settling helps the plaintiff save money on the legal expenses of going to court. 

Eliminates Volatility of Trial

With most personal injury cases determined by a jury, it may be impossible to get the expected outcome even with the best Michigan personal injury attorney by your side.


Out-of-court settlements are between the plaintiff, their lawyer, and the settling insurance company. On the other hand, court cases are public records that anyone can peruse and report to the world.  


Unlike in a court verdict, the defendant cannot appeal a decision made during settlement negotiations.

Cons Of Settling Out Of Court

Diminished Compensation Amounts

Due to the pressing financial needs resulting from a personal injury accident, the plaintiff may accept a lower compensation than a court verdict would deliver. 

No Room For Appeal

When a plaintiff accepts benefits from an out-of-court negotiation settlement, they cannot appeal later when they find it insufficient for all their needs. A personal injury attorney in Michigan can help determine an acceptable amount to accept. 

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Settling Personal Injury Cases In Court

Sometimes, out-of-court settlements are not an option, making it necessary to go to court. In this case, a personal injury attorney Michigan may be your greatest asset.

Here are the benefits of opting for a personal injury trial.

Increase Your Chances of Maximum Compensation

When you go to court, the plaintiff presents their medical report and, in the case of permanent disability, gets compensation for loss of earnings and future expenses. An experienced personal injury lawyer will assist in evidence gathering and presentation to ensure their clients get appropriate damages. 

Minimum Expectations

When going to trial, plaintiffs expect the amount they may receive as damages since there are precedents that guide judges and juries on how to decide the matter. 

Establish Liability

If a plaintiff delivers evidence proving the negligence of another party in causing the accident, a court trial can determine the responsibility of the accident to the defendant. Consequently, the responsible party can be held accountable for the accident. 

Possibility For Appeal

When you go to court for the settlement of a personal injury case, your personal accident attorney can help you appeal if the verdict damages are too low. 



Court cases take a long time to conclude compared to out-of-court settlements.

Legal Costs

Going to court is an expensive affair. You need to hire a lawyer and spend money to build the case. Usually, these costs are deducted from your compensation amount, meaning the plaintiff has less money depending on the costs of the case. 


While a personal injury victim can choose either of these methods to get compensation, hiring a competent personal injury attorney Michigan is essential. Your lawyer helps you receive the maximum compensation possible in either case.

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