Mastering the Speaking Section of PTE Exam: Comprehensive Guide

Did you pay your PTE exam fee and are now on your way to attempt the test? We understand the anticipation you have right now. Therefore, we bring you a detailed guide with useful tips and tricks to ace the Speaking section of the PTE classes. 

Before getting into the tips, let’s take a brief look at the PTE exam and its format. It will help you analyse and prepare for the exam in a better way. 

Decoding the PTE Academic Test 

PTE is a language proficiency test that enables students to showcase their skills and acquire admissions to renowned institutions in English-speaking countries. It’s an online test, and PTE classes prepare the students through mock exams so they are adept at completing the test within the pre-determined timeframe. 

Format of The PTE Academic Test 

The PTE test format encompasses listening, reading, speaking, and writing, all delivered via a computer in a three-hour session. With twenty diverse question formats, the test assesses real-life, academic English. It mirrors everyday scenarios, exposing you to various British, American, and non-native accents.

Speaking & Writing Section (77 – 93 Minutes)

The first segment, spanning 77-93 minutes, delves into speaking and writing skills. This multifaceted part includes:

  • personal introductions
  • reading aloud
  • sentence repetition
  • image description
  • lecture re-telling
  • short-answer queries
  • written text summarisation
  • a 20-minute essay

Reading Section (32 – 40 Minutes)

The second phase, lasting 32-40 minutes, scrutinises reading skills. This section evaluates your ability to comprehend and interpret information presented in English. It comprises:

  • fill-in-the-blanks
  • multiple-choice questions (single or multiple answers)
  • re-ordering paragraphs.

Listening Section (45 – 57 Minutes)

The third section, lasting 45-57 minutes, involves questions grounded in audio or video clips. You must pay close attention, as each clip is played only once. Note-taking is permitted, and you can adjust the volume during playback.

How Do You Deliver Your Best in the Speaking Section?

Once you’ve paid the PTE exam fees through a debit or credit card, you have to take the exam within a short time. Therefore, preparations must start way earlier. Here are a few tips to acquire exceptional marks in the Speaking section:

Crafting the Perfect Personal Introduction in PTE Academic

When initiating the speaking section, a confident introduction within 25 seconds sets the tone. After a beep, you have 30 seconds to record your answer. Here are a few things to remember for this section:

  • Respond before the introduction progress bar completes
  • Wait for the microphone to activate
  • You have only one chance to record.
  • A personal introduction is sent with your score report to chosen institutions
  • Speak confidently and clearly within 30 seconds.
  • Include name, age, city, country, profession, purpose, and interests in your personal introduction.
  • Finish without a pause

Deeper Dive into Read Aloud

The “Read Aloud” task, the speaking section’s inaugural challenge, demands meticulous preparation. You are granted 30-40 seconds to prepare, with a beep signifying the commencement of a 30-40-second recording. Crucial tips for success include:

  • Your response is recorded by a computer, necessitating clear and audible speech
  • Initiate with a rising tone and conclude with a falling one, maintaining a natural pace.
  • Incorporate tongue twisters into daily practice and focus on pronunciation while reading aloud.
  • Enhance fluency by dividing the text into meaningful chunks.

Mastering the Repeat Section

In the Repeat Sentence task, scoring aligns with Read Aloud. Tips for Success:

  • Utter words in the same order without rushing.
  • Refrain from relying on notes; hold the sentence in mind.
  • Grasp the meaning for better retention.
  • If uncertain, express what you think you heard.
  • Maintain a moderate pace; avoid extremes.
  • Employ English rhythm, stressing words appropriately.
  • Imitate the speaker’s intonation without altering your accent.

Grasping of Describe Image 

This task entails viewing an image for 25 seconds, followed by a 40-second response window. When tackling the Describe Image question, your score considers:

  • Understanding the image is vital
  • Use the Erasable Noteboard Booklet for helpful notes
  • Address all image aspects and elements
  • Begin with a general statement, then highlight key points
  • Unsure of pronunciation? Say words as you think
  • Utilise connector words: also, however, as, besides
  • Score up to 5 points; above 1, discuss relationships, developments, and conclusions.
  • Maintain a smooth, natural pace always.

Getting Hold of Re-tell Lecture

In this section, there will be a prompt lasting up to 90 seconds, with 40 seconds allocated for your response. In the Re-tell Lecture task, your oral fluency and pronunciation matter. Tips for success in this section:

  • Examine the provided image before the recording begins.
  • Think about the lecture topic based on the image.
  • You have 3 seconds for this initial analysis.
  • Use the Erasable Noteboard Booklet for note-taking during the recording.
  • Avoid long sentences on the Erasable Noteboard; time is limited.
  • Organise your speech in the 10-second post-recording window.
  • If unsure about a word, try to pronounce it confidently.
  • Begin with a general statement and summarise vital points.
  • Include connector words for coherence (therefore, because, as a consequence).
  • Cover the situation, characters, aspects, actions, and development.
  • A score above 1 point by incorporating relationships, possible developments, and conclusions.
  • Think critically about what might happen next and why.
  • Include these critical points in your notes for a well-rounded answer.
  • Begin discussing possible developments and conclusions with about 8 seconds left.
  • Maintain a steady pace; avoid speaking too fast or too slow.
  • Use English rhythm with chunking and sentence stress.
  • Preserve your accent; focus on clear vowel and consonant sounds.
  • Imitate the speaker’s intonation patterns for better understanding.

Answer Short Question

In this test featuring 10-12 questions, you receive a prompt for 3-9 seconds and 10 seconds to provide a brief answer. Emphasise clear, simple, and single-word responses, earning 1 point per correct word. Quick tips include:

  • Pronounce your answer clearly.
  • Utilise one or a couple of words.
  • If unsure, take a moment before moving on to the next question.

Final Thoughts

As you navigate the five components of the speaking section, focus on consistent practice, honing individual tasks, and enhancing overall fluency. Infuse confidence into your preparation routine by integrating these strategies. By doing so, you’ll conquer individual tasks and navigate the PTE Academic Speaking Section with proficiency and finesse.

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