Maximize Warehouse Space: 5 Benefits of Mezzanine Platforms

Warehouse and logistics technology is quite dynamic especially when it comes to space utilization solutions. Being able to maximize your available storage spaces as your inventory needs grow can be the difference between gaining a sustainable competitive advantage or losing to your closest competitor (s).  

Mezzanine platforms have gained favor in warehousing recently as a versatile space-saving solution that does not compromise on other important aspects like durability, ease of access and sturdiness.  Why is this so?

Also known as platform mezzanine, mezzanine platforms are, in their most basic form. Modern, elevated structural floors in your warehouse you can use to create additional and useful space. They enable you to utilize all the available vertical space in your facility cost-effectively because you don’t need to do any building expansion. 

Here are the five key advantages of using modern mezzanines and platforms or combined mezzanine platforms in your warehouse as a space-saving solution.

Mezzanines & Platforms Increase Storage Capacity

The main reason why mezzanine platforms exist is to increase storage capacity in otherwise cramped warehouses but how do they do this? With modern mezzanine platforms, you can introduce an elevated level within your building’s envelope to double or even triple your usable floor area.  

By estimation, a good mezzanine platform should augment your storage space by up to 50% assuming you have relatively high ceilings or sufficient vertical space. Of course, you can get more storage space or less depending on your facility’s dimensions and desired layout. They are also quite easy to configure and reconfigure because they come as modular units mostly so you have a lot of room to create usable storage space. 

Improve Your Workflow and Organization with Platforms 

Mezzanine platforms are principally known for saving space they can also enable you to improve your workflow and organization in the warehouse. You can use them to create distinct zones or levels within your facility so you can segregate operations for improved productivity and efficiency.

Tale for instance a situation where you install one complete mezzanine platform dedicated to your fast-moving inventory then use the ground level (below the platform) for bulk storage. Such a level of compartmentalization will help you achieve more effective levels of inventory management as you’ll spend less time locating and retrieving goods. 

You can also tailor your mezzanine platform to focus on specialized functions in your warehouse like order picking, packing and shipping tasks. Mezzanine platforms are the de-facto standard in this type of organization because of how they are designed. You’ll be able to minimize cross-traffic in your warehouse for efficient workflow. 

Mezzanine Platforms are cost-effective

Apart from space saving and organization, you’ll save quite a bit of money expanding or modernizing your warehouse with mezzanines and platforms. If you compare the investment you need to acquire a new building or build a new warehouse from scratch, installing a mezzanine platform makes a lot of sense. 

Mezzanine platforms are modular in design which means you can do a quick installation and don’t even need to disrupt your operations. They are also quite versatile so you can reconfigure and relocate them as much as you need to cater to your changing storage needs. There aren’t many storage solutions in the market that quite match or come close to the adaptability of modular mezzanine platforms. 

Boost Safety and Accessibility in Your Warehouse

As compared to existing warehouse storage solutions in the market, modern mezzanine platforms, by far provide the best safety and accessibility for workers. This is because they enable you to separate personnel and equipment from ground-level operations thus reducing the risk of collision and other accidents. 

Because they are a relatively modern storage solution, mezzanines and platforms are designed with adherence to current building codes and safety standards. Most of the mezzanine platforms I have come across in my line of work have safety features like gates, stairs, and handrails for safe access and egress. 

If you are in the warehousing business and looking to maximize your space in a cost-effective and modern way, then you should consider mezzanine platforms over traditional shelves and racks.  They will help you take full advantage of your vertical space while being quite versatile and reliable. 

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