Star Vs Booru (Forces of Evil)

Star vs the Forces of Evil” refers to the animated Disney TV series about a magical princess named Star Butterfly. The search results show discussions, images, and fanart related to the show and its characters.

“Booru” refers to a type of imageboard site for sharing images and discussing interests. The specific sites mentioned are Safebooru, Illusion Game Cards Booru, Derpibooru, and The /co/llection Booru. These seem to be online communities where fans post Star vs the Forces of Evil fanart and discuss the show.

What is Booru And How is it related to Star Vs the Forces of Evil?

  • Booru sites like Derpibooru, Illusion Cards Booru, The /co/llection Booru, and Safebooru host fan art, images, and discussions related to “Star vs the Forces of Evil”.
  • These booru sites provide an online platform and community for fans to share the fanart they have created of the show’s characters and settings.
  • There is also a site called “” that seems to be a booru imageboard dedicated specifically to hosting “Star vs the Forces of Evil” fan content.
star vs booru

Purpose of Booru

  • Boorus provides an online space for fans to post and share fanart they have created of TV shows, anime, games, etc. This allows them to interact with the fan community around that interest.
  • Boorus also facilitates discussion and commentary on the interest itself (e.g. a TV show). Fans can talk about characters, plots, theories, opinions, etc.
  • The tag-based structure of Boorus allows fans to easily search, browse, and organize a wealth of user-generated content related to the fandom.
  • Some boorus aim to comprehensively compile all available fan art for a given interest in one searchable, tagged gallery (e.g. “” for Star vs the Forces of Evil)

Benefits of Using a Booru

  1. Allows fans to share and engage with fanart and content related to their fandoms/interests: Boorus provides an online platform for fans to post their fanart creations and discover other fanworks related to TV shows, games, etc. that they are enthusiastic about.
  2. Facilitates discussion and commentary within fan communities: Along with fanart, boorus enables fans to talk about plot points, characters, theories, opinions, and more with fellow enthusiasts.
  3. Organized structure through tags makes content easy to search and browse: The tag system allows fans to efficiently organize, categorize, and navigate a large pool of user-generated content relevant to their fandom.
  4. Can serve as comprehensive galleries or databases for fandom content: Some boorus aim to collect all available fan arts/memes etc. for an interest in one easily searchable, tagged archive.
  5. Often free to use and upload content to.
star vs booru

How can a Booru be used for Meme Communities?

  1. As an image repository and archive where members can upload and share memes. The tagging system allows memes to be efficiently organized.
  2. To facilitate discussion and commentary around different memes. Members can talk about the meaning, origins, or impact of various viral memes.
  3. To track the evolution and spread of meme formats over time as members add new iterations, variations, and mashups of existing memes.
  4. To connect related memes through the tagging system, even if they come from completely separate sources originally.
  5. As a collective database where a community can comprehensively gather memes around a specific focus, whether that’s a particular subculture, interest group, or online community.

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