What are “Parametric” and “Ultrasound” speakers and how do they operate?

When listening to music or any other audio on conventional speakers, the sound will spread throughout the room. However, this is not the case for parametric and ultrasound speakers, as they are designed to project sound towards a specific location, leaving the rest of the area in silence. Here is additional information on these types of speakers and how they transmit sound.

Parametric Speakers

To better understand how parametric speakers work, imagine it visually. The sound is emitted from the speaker and directed towards a specific location where an individual is standing, with its ultrasonic waves being demodulated along the way. Only once the sound reaches that person, is it recreated for them to hear. You can find an example by checking out these Focusonics parametric speakers.

The ability to target sound towards a single person, rather than everyone in the room, opens up many possibilities for various industries. In retail stores, these speakers can serve as advertising tools to entice customers with product descriptions or catchy messages as they walk by. Similarly, music stores can use them to allow customers to listen to songs without disturbing others in the store.

Ultrasound Speakers

Just like parametric speakers, ultrasound are also directional speakers. However, their operational principles are different. While parametric speakers transmit sound through the air before it is demodulated and audible, ultrasound speakers emit a narrow beam of highly directed sound targeted towards a specific location. This focused sound projection ensures that it reaches its intended destination without creating ambient noise that could disrupt the surrounding area.

When used in public spaces, ultrasound speakers have the capability of delivering sound to individual listeners one at a time. This allows for different sounds to be heard simultaneously by diverse people without causing confusion or disturbance in the room. It is an ideal tool for use in work environments, commercial spaces, showrooms, galleries and museums.


While both parametric and ultrasound speakers use ultrasonic waves to project focused sound, they employ different methods of doing so. Nevertheless, they are both effective options for situations where only one person needs to hear the sound within a crowded space.

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