What Is a Chandelier?

A chandelier is a decorative branched light fixture for hanging on ceilings. Also known as a girandole or candelabra lamp, it typically features many candleholders and is ornate in design.

To select the right chandelier for your space, follow the 1/3 rule of thumb by taking the room height in feet and multiplying it by 2.5 or 3. This will provide an approximate diameter that works best in proportion to your room dimensions.


Chandeliers can be placed in any room but typically look best in entry ways, dining rooms and living areas. When choosing a chandelier for a particular space, keep in mind its size and the height of your ceiling. You want to be able to admire the design of your chandelier and not have to duck or bend when moving around the space.

Oversized crystal chandeliers offer a dramatic statement and work well in high-ceilinged rooms. If you have a smaller space, try a linear chandelier with crystal accents for a sleek contemporary style. You can also find chandeliers with mixed metals to suit modern décor.


A chandelier is a statement piece that sets the mood for entertaining, family time or romance. Its style should match the aesthetic of your home and coordinate with other decorative elements.

The sculptural nature of the West Elm Sculptural 7-Light Geo Chandelier makes it compatible with almost any style. With customizations for metal finishes, glass panels, shades and more, you can make this fixture a bespoke addition to your home.

During the Regency period, neoclassical influences led to a shift in chandelier design. Perry’s innovations included the use of narrow stem pieces, large top canopies adorned with swags and pear-shaped drops, twisted rope glass arms and heart-shaped bottom finials. This sparked the evolution of a more refined look that lasted until the Victorian period.


A chandelier is an ornate branched candleholder, or in modern times an electric light fixture, suspended from the ceiling. The original candles were replaced by incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, and depending on the design, the lights can be directed upwards, downwards, or both.

A metal chandelier can be finished with a variety of textured or frosted glass elements that create unique and interesting designs. Decorative beads or other crystals can also be used to add a touch of elegance.

To determine the correct size chandelier for a room, start by measuring the length and width of the space in feet, then add them together. This total will represent the recommended diameter of a chandelier for that space, provided it is hung at standard height.


Chandeliers are made of a variety of materials to suit their designs and functions. They are generally used for decorative purposes and may be placed in the dining room, foyer, or living room. Some chandeliers are made from glass which is a clear, brittle material that has a high refractive index and reflects light. Other crystal-style chandeliers are made from acrylic which is a transparent plastic that has good refraction properties.

You can make your own unique chandelier by using recycled materials. A recycled lamp shade frame is a great starting point for this project. The wide part of the frame should fit over an existing ceiling light base. Then attach strands of sequins, ornaments, or other decorative items to the frame. You can even paint the frame if you want a different color to match your décor.


When the invention of electric light bulbs transformed lighting fixtures in the 1800s, chandelier designs had to adapt. Solid glass stems and arms were replaced with hollow versions to accommodate electric wiring. Some designers have even used recycled materials such as discarded glasses, bottle tops or bike parts to create innovative one-off designs.

The body of a chandelier is suspended from the ceiling using a rod system or chain. Depending on the style, it may also incorporate upstanding decorative elements.

A chandelier should be hung centrally to allow everyone in the room a 360-degree view of its beauty. It is important to think about lines of sight and safety clearance when hanging a chandelier. If you’re worried, talk to a lighting expert for advice. Kronleuchter

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