Which Windstream Package Is Perfect For Gaming In 2023?


Without a doubt, gaming has evolved in the culture as of now. Gaming has been a source of earning for many. If you are a gamer, you would definitely know the struggle of tolerating a slow internet. For that, we have a solution for you, Windstream Internet.

Windstream Internet is one of the fastest internet service providers working in US. It would not be wrong if I say, Windstream has operated like an all rounder in the market. The provider is the user’s first choice as they provide tremendous facilities to them.

For users, first question is always same,

Is Windstream Internet good for gaming?

Windstream offers numerous packages for the individuals so that they can decide depending upon their profession and the usage of their house.

But first, we need to have a look at what gamers demand the most. Highlighting some major factors that makes Windstream Internet a better choice for gaming in 2023.

  • Ping

One of the major reasons why gamers starts getting frustrated is the ping. For example, you are a pro gamer and have registered in any tournament and you get into the finals, ping has a mini second game and you aim at your target but get delayed because of ping. Feeling frustrated already?

Well in Windstream Internet, you won’t face such issues as the provider offers one of the fastest internets in town where speed of the packages varies between 500mbps to 8gbps.

  • Reliability

For gaming, you need a reliable internet and Windstream Internet is one of the most reliable provider out there. If you are a Windstream user, only then you will get to know how strong and reliable internet the provider has right now.

  • Faster in speeds

Only a gamer would know how speed has a direct connection with the gaming. If you have to download something, you’ll have to wait for long 8 hours. Reduce the time by having super-fast Windstream Internet so that your download time gets decreased.

Windstream offers some crazy packages for the users so that they can enhance their gaming experience. Talking about the speeds, how about we have a look at what Windstream offers

Windstream Internet – Plans

Windstream keeping in user’s choice in mind, announced 5 major packages for the gamers.

  • Kinetic Internet – Basic

The plan comes at a price tag of $39.99 per months only where users will be allowed to complete their daily tasks, check mailboxes, stay connected and get updates with each other’s life. You can easily watch multiple streaming videos and can connect more than 2 devices as the package comes with a nice 100mbps of download speed.

(Kinetic Internet – Basic is a DSL connection)

  • Kinetic Internet – Fiber

This is the first and basic plan from Windstream Fiber category, with the same price as the DSL one i.e. $39.99 per month where you as a user will be allowed to have a massive 500mbps of download speed. In this tier, you can connect more than 3 devices at a time and can play your favorite game without any single lag.

  • Kinetic Internet – Gig

By gig I am sure you will surely understand that it offers up to 1gbps download speed and that too in just $69.99 per months only. The plan would be perfect for those who love speedy internet and if you are working from home, or if you are playing competitive gaming or even if you want to watch a movie in 4k.

  • Kinetic Internet – 2gig

If 1gbps is not enough for you, then don’t worry because as I mentioned earlier, Windstream is a user’s broadband and it takes good care of your needs, Windstream comes up with more thrilling package and that is 2gbps of download speed, so doesn’t really matter if you are a gamer or if you do high usage tasks daily, because the package would be more than enough for you.

  • Kinetic Internet – 8Gig

This plan is the most premium plan being offered by the Windstream Communications as it comes with whopping 8gbps download speed so if you are an 8K video consumer or a high-end professional animator, then the plan would be a jumbo package for you. The availability of the plan is still very less so in case if you want to experience some crazy speeds and if available in your area, then you should definitely try this one out.

In Short

It totally depends on you; which package would go with your gaming requirements. If you are a normal user, then you should opt for basic one with DSL but if you are using any local internet provider, my advice would be “switch” and get a Windstream Internet pack at your home.

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