Why Australian Sunscreen Represents Your Ultimate Defense

Have you got Australian sunscreen available to you, no matter what it is you’re doing? If not, you leave yourself open to damage from UV rays simply by not being fully prepared. The trouble is that many Americans don’t view sunscreen as an absolute essential – but they really should.

That’s because sunscreen isn’t just an accessory, it’s an absolute necessity. In this article, we take a look at why it represents the ultimate defense against UV rays.

Australian Sunscreen Lets You Enjoy the Sun

If you’re not yet in the know about the importance of Australian sunscreen, let us be the first to let you know about just how vital wearing it each day is. No one wants to experience that horrible feeling at the end of the day when you just know that you’re going to have to face soreness, redness and peeling across your back and neck. Aloe vera gel is there to help, but not by much.

The tragedy of sunburn is that it is totally avoidable, and by applying mineral sunscreen every two hours, you can enjoy the sun without the accompanying blistering and misery. So, how exactly does mineral sunscreen offer this comprehensive protection?

Reflecting UV Rays Away Like a Mirror

Working immediately after application, mineral sunscreen sits atop the skin’s surface, reflecting harmful UV rays away in the same way a mirror does. This kind of product doesn’t need to be absorbed by the skin, meaning that these rays never make it to your skin’s cells. This barrier is one that stays almost impervious to sunlight for up to two hours, after which reapplication is required.

Made from a naturally occurring compound called zinc oxide, it’s as gentle as can be to your skin, too, making it a great option for anyone with problematic skin. Eczema, acne and psoriasis sufferers all need sun protection, and they can get it with this type of sunscreen without irritation.

It’s also a super product for the eco-conscious amongst us, as when compared to chemical brands, it’s as environmentally friendly as can be. Rather than harming coral reefs like traditional chemical sunscreens can, mineral brands have no adverse effects on marine life. There are already a bunch of reasons to choose a product like this and the fact it has green credentials is icing on the cake.

Take Australian Sunscreen With You Wherever You Go

It doesn’t pay to be without sunscreen when you’re enjoying outdoor life, particularly as it can lead to sunburn and the signs of ageing. With something so avoidable, why wouldn’t you want to take some mineral sunscreen with you wherever you go? It’s a prudent choice.

Sunscreens come in travel sizes these days, so there’s no need to lug around a large bottle with you so that you know you’re covered. Most are the size of a deodorant and won’t take up much room at all.

It takes just a couple of minutes to apply sunscreen to your skin, but it can take years of how old you look, so you could say that it’s time very well spent. So, you should be sure to have some in your travel or workbag every day. Your skin is grateful every time you do.

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